Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: This oldie makes me nervous

I loved this TV show…

And I never missed an episode. That is until the show just started to stink, roughly around year 6 of the 11 years in the series. Fonzie jumps the shark. Richie leaves. New characters are brought in. “Happy Days” went klapooey.

This week I happened to stumble upon an episode from Season 9 that I had never seen before, but the synopsis interested me so I turned on MeTV to watch:


Al is chosen to head the Leopard Lodge’s annual Poobah Doo Dah when he says he can get his distant cousin, Frankie Avalon, to perform. However, as Al is auditioning other acts to round out the show, Avalon calls to say he can’t make it.

You can imagine what happens. Frankie does show up and sings, of course, “Venus.”

I really like Frankie. Great old songs. This one’s pretty, but suddenly, it’s got me a bit anxious. And here’s why.

Daughter Kyla is now 12.

Our oldie made the Billboard Top Ten in 1959.

Damn Frankie.

Avalon just had a birthday in September. He’s 81.


The legendary Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga have recorded together in the past and are back at it again.

Today their album “Love For Sale” was released.

Not long after their first album “Cheek to Cheek” came out Bennett just had to talk to Gaga. Watch.

ViacomCBS recently announced that it has teamed up with Gaga and Bennett for three exclusive specials to be shared via CBSMTV Entertainment Group, and Paramount Plus over the coming months.

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