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1) Oh really, Jill Underly?

2) Want to speak at a Franklin School Board meeting? Bring a photo ID

3) Franklin hypocrites

4) Today’s highly interesting read (09/22/21): Zombie Sheep Masking Kids


6) The Franklin Common Council has a new president

7) Tremendous 2021 quotes

8) Who can beat Franklin’s high school football team?

09) I love osso bucco

10) Photos of the Week (09/19/21)

Culinary no-no #711


Today’s TMJ 4 reported six months ago, March of this year…

What’s the situation now, a half year later?

The Wisconsin Policy Forum is a statewide nonpartisan, independent policy research organization with offices in Milwaukee and Madison. On Friday the Forum issued a six-page report on the struggling WI restaurant and bar industry. They’re rebounding, but the recovery is slow. Some of the report highlights:

*Restaurants and bars play a major role in the social lives of Wisconsin communities as places of celebration and daily socializing.

* Employment in the sector remains down by roughly 9%, its recovery in Wisconsin lags that of other industries and the nation, and a surge in new coronavirus cases suggests continued challenges ahead.

*The number of people employed at restaurants and bars in Wisconsin has recovered considerably since nosediving by nearly 50% in April 2020.

*According to preliminary federal data, however, employment in the “food services and drinking places” subsector was still down by nearly 20,000 (8.8%) in August 2021 compared to the same month in 2019

* Job recovery in this subsector has been weaker in Wisconsin than nationally, where employment was down only 6.1% in August 2021 relative to August 2019.

* It also lags job recovery for other major sectors in Wisconsin and the state’s economy overall.

*Customer demand is still somewhat lower than pre-COVID as some individuals choose not to go out to restaurants and bars as often as they did before the pandemic.

*Restaurant operators also have pointed out that as more people order food for takeout or delivery rather than dining in, they also purchase fewer alcoholic beverages from restaurants, which dampens sales and profits.

*Child care is another major factor that has hampered the state’s workforce throughout the pandemic. When schools and businesses closed in 2020, large numbers of child care providers similarly shut down or reduced slots. As businesses returned to in-person operations, many workers were left without child care options as providers were slower to reopen. This challenge could be easing as the number of child care centers in Wisconsin had rebounded to slightly above prepandemic levels as of June 2021.

*While no data source is currently available that could show precisely how many restaurants and bars in Wisconsin did not survive the pandemic, limited data from the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) suggests that hundreds more restaurants closed in Wisconsin than opened in 2020.

*The pandemic caused some restaurants and bars in Wisconsin to close permanently, but most have found ways to adapt and survive, thanks in part to the lifeline provided by federal and state grant and forgivable loan programs, which funneled more than $1 billion in federal funding to restaurants and bars in Wisconsin.

*Yet, many continue to face challenges, including an increasingly tight labor supply that may be driven in part by workers seeking better employment conditions in other industries.

* The loss in state-licensed businesses in 2020, current labor shortages, the rise in wholesale food prices, and the recent surge in new coronavirus cases shows that their challenges will likely continue for some time.

The entire report can be seen here.


I’m normally not a fan of boycotts. But I would make an exception and not touch this beer.

Posted by the Minocqua Brewing Company of WI:

Ok folks, we’ve got some news that will affect most every person in Wisconsin, and will hopefully set legal precedent in other states as well to protect kids and their families.

The Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC has begun the process of building a class action lawsuit against every school board in Wisconsin that isn’t mandating masks for kids too young to get the vaccine and not following CDC guidelines for students while in school to protect against the deadly Delta variant.Why is a brewing company doing this instead of another group that’s supposed to protect kids? Because we can and we haven’t found anyone else willing to take the lead.

Here are the details.

We noticed that outside of the more sane urban areas of Wisconsin where school districts are still using science to protect children from the very contagious Delta variant, there has been a groundswell of obnoxious and very loud anti-intellectual, anti-mask, and anti-science voices overrunning school boards in the ‘burbs and in more rural areas.

School superintendents are being fired or quitting for trying to protect kids (Tomahawk, Minocqua).School board members voting to keep masking kids indoors who are too young for the vaccine are being forced into recall elections (Somerset, Oconomowoc, etc), and have even been physically threatened.

Keeping teachers safe is an afterthought, and that’s not right.

A large majority of parents are feeling helpless because they see Covid cases skyrocketing in their school districts, and absolutely nothing being done to prevent it.

Last week we put out a Facebook post calling for any parents whose kids have recently gotten Covid in school to reach out to us. We got a ton of responses from angry parents, and have found two plaintiffs ready to take their school boards to court in order to protect kids in the entire state.

How are we doing this? There are two federal judicial districts in Wisconsin: Eastern and Western. In order to protect all kids, we need to file a lawsuit in both districts—thus two plaintiffs.

Our lawyer obviously knows more about this than we do, but here’s the gist of what we plan to do:He’s going to use a “public nuisance” argument to convince judges in both districts to provide injunctive relief against all school boards actively promoting daily super spreader events by not forcing kids in schools to wear masks and socially distance. He says if we get the right judge, he/she could IMMEDIATELY force students to wear masks around the state until the defense has enough time to build a case.

This means as soon as we file these two lawsuits, we could IMMEDIATELY take strong action to stop kids from getting Covid and protect a lot of kids and their families.

We’ve decided to do this regardless of the cost, but these lawsuits will be expensive and we could use your help to fund them.To convince a judge to provide immediate injunctive relief, we are paying expert epidemiologists and infectious disease experts to write reports throughout this weekend showing how these schools boards are engaging in daily super spreader events by not taking steps to mitigate infection.

Experts and lawyers aren’t cheap, and we don’t know how long these lawsuits will last, but we do know that for some inexplicable reason, the Republican Party will fight tooth and nail against protecting children and their families, and will have unlimited resources to do so.

Our lawyer says these suits could run up to $100K over a six month period, but we hope we can strike a big blow right away and spend much less.If you’d like to help fund this lawsuit, here’s the link to our super PAC:…/minocqua-brewing-co-superpac The average contribution so far has been $40, and we’ve raised over $250K, so really, any little bit helps.

If you’re worried about your kid or grandkid getting Covid, and in turn giving it to you, because anti-science nut jobs are playing politics with school safety, consider chipping in for this lawsuit. These lawsuits are the very definition of doing something for the “Public Good.” We have had enough selfish “My Freedom is more important than Public Health” sentiment in this state and country. It’s time for intelligent and reasonable adults to take the wheel and the anti-intellectual “I’ve done my own research” bottom-dwellers to sit down and shut up.

Thanks for standing up for what is right and helping us protect children and families in Wisconsin. We will “Make Wisconsin Great Again” by trusting in science and by taking the politics out of public health. And afterwards, we can celebrate with a beer.

Thanks for your help,
Kirk Bangstad, Owner, Minocqua Brewing Company and Super PAC

MY VIEW: Stop being judgmental. Support people being allowed to make their own health choices. Shut up and stick to selling beer.

ICYMI: Culinary no-no #710

Photos of the Week (09/26/21)

May be an image of 11 people and people standing

A pictorial week-in-review posted every Sunday.

1) A U.S. border patrol officer grabs the shirt of a migrant trying to return to the United States along the Rio Grande river, after having crossed from the United States into Mexico to buy food, as seen from Ciudad Acuna, in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, Sept 19, 2021. Photo: Reuters. One more. Photo: AFP

2) An asylum-seeking migrant carrying a girl, crosses the Rio Grande river towards Mexico near the International Bridge between Mexico and the U.S. in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, Sept. 19, 2021. Photo: Reuters

3) Some thousands of migrants take shelter as they await to be processed near the Del Rio International Bridge after crossing the Rio Grande river into the U.S. from Ciudad Acuna in Del Rio, Texas. Picture taken with a drone. Photo: REUTERS/Adrees Latif

4) Immigrants take shelter along the Del Rio International Bridge at sunset as they wait to be processed after crossing the Rio Grande into the US from Ciudad Acuña in Del Rio, Texas, Sept. 19. Photo: Reuters

5) Drug addicts are seen doing drugs on the side of a road in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo: Reuters

6) Members of Texans for Vaccine Choice gather in the rotunda as the Texas House of Representatives convenes a third special legislative session for controversial legislative items at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas.  Photo: REUTERS/Sergio Flores

7) A health worker inoculates a child with a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19 at a children’s hospital in Colombo, as Sri Lanka began inoculating children over 12. Photo: AFP

8) Firefighters control the Windy Fire as trees burn in the Sequoia National Forest near Johnsondale, California, Sept. 22, 2021. Photo: AFP

9) Lava from a volcano eruption flows around a home on the island of La Palma in the Canaries. Photo: AFP

10) The capsule containing the crew of SpaceX’s Inspiration 4 mission splashes down off the coast of Florida on Saturday, September 18. It was the first-ever flight to Earth’s orbit flown entirely by tourists or otherwise non-astronauts. On board were Jared Isaacman, a 38-year-old billionaire who personally financed the trip; Hayley Arceneaux, a 29-year-old physician assistant; Sian Proctor, a 51-year-old geologist and community college teacher; and Chris Sembroski, a 42-year-old Lockheed Martin employee and lifelong space fan who claimed his seat through an online raffle. Photo: SpaceX

11) A child hugs Pope Francis during the weekly general audience in the Paul VI Audience Hall at the Vatican. Photo: Reuters

12) Wildlife rangers pose with a sedated 9-meter long python, estimated to weigh about 100 kilograms, they caught near a village in Kampar and later released back into the neighboring jungle of Palalawan, Indonesia. Photo: AFP

13) Seized rhino horns are seen burning during an event to mark World Rhino Day in Bokakhat near Kaziranga National Park in the northeastern state of Assam, India. Photo: Reuters

14) Panda cubs born this year rest in a breeding room at the Shenshuping giant panda base in Wolong National Nature Reserve, Sichuan province, China, Sept. 22, 2021. Photo: Reuters

15) A string quartet plays onboard a violin-shaped boat, titled “Violin of Noah”, that was built during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic by artist Livio De Marchi in collaboration with Consorzio Venezia Sviluppo and is dedicated to people who have died from the disease, in Venice, Italy. Photo: REUTERS/Manuel Silvestri

16) Nathan Paulin walks on a slackline between the Eiffel Tower and the Théâtre National de Chaillot during events for Heritage Day in Paris on Saturday, September 18 Paulin walked the 600-meter slackline in a trip that took the 27-year-old just half an hour. Photo: Benoit Tessier/Reuters

17) Packer fans made their way to Lambeau Field in Green Bay for the Packers home opener against the Detroit Lions last Monday.⁠⁠⁠ Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

18) Mike Blunk, left, of Cambridge City, Ind., and Ken Equitz of Hubertus, Wis., pose for a photo with a Packers themed 1950 Packard prior to the Green Bay Packers playing against the Detroit Lions Monday, September 20, 2021, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. The car owner is Dr. Alfredo Cinpron of Oak Creek. Photo: Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

19) Green Bay Packers tight end Robert Tonyan celebrates scoring a touchdown against the Detroit Lions during their football game Monday, September 20, 2021, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Green Bay beat the Lions 35-17. Photo: Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

20) A fan places a sombrero on Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones after he scored a touchdown against the Detroit Lions during their football game Monday, September 20, 2021, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Photo: Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

21) Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver Kevin Austin Jr. receives a pass for a touchdown against Wisconsin Badgers cornerback Faion Hicks during the first half at Soldier Field. Photo: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports. Another look. Photo:

22) Wisconsin Badgers wide receiver Kendric Pryor runs in for a touchdown against Notre Dame Fighting Irish cornerback Clarence Lewis during the second half at Soldier Field. Photo: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

23) A flag waves at practice round for the 43rd Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits in Haven, Wisconsin. Photo: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

24) United States fans cheer on the first tee during day one foursome matches for the 43rd Ryder Cup golf competition at Whistling Straits. Photo: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

25) USA golfers Justin Thomas and Daniel Berger pound beers thrown to them from fans in the stands on the first tee box at the 43rd Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits in Haven, Wisconsin.. Photo by Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

26) Team USA’s Scottie Scheffler waits to putt on the third green at the Ryder Cup at the Whistling Straits Golf in Haven, Wisconsin. Photo by Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press

27) Team USA’s Bryson DeChambeau reacts to the crowd on the first tee during a Ryder Cup singles match at the Whistling Straits Golf in Haven, Wisconsin. Photo by Ashley Landis/Associated Press

28) Jordan Spieth of Team US plays his shot from the bunker on the 17th hole. Photo: Andrew Redington/Getty Images

29) Bryson DeChambeau plays his shot on the first hole during Friday afternoon Fourball matches. Phoot: Stacy Revere/Getty Images

30) Lee Westwood plays his shot from the third tee during Friday morning Foursome matches. Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

31) A view of the shoes worn by US pair Dustin Johnson and Collin Morikawa during Saturday morning’s Foursome matches. Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

32) Basketball legend Michael Jordan watches by the 11th green during the Fourballs on day one of the Ryder Cup. Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

33) A fan watches on the eighth hole during a fourball match. Photo: Ashley Landis/AP

Today’s highly interesting read (09/26/21): Why Christians Should Defend Godly Principles in Local Government

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'INSPIRATION LIFE COMMUNITY CHURCH When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power, they groan. Proverbs 29:2 (NLT) inspiration_org'

On this Sunday, today’s read is from Jeff Hunt, director of the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Christians can no longer take the leadership of our school boards, cities, counties, states, and nation for granted. Those in control of our communities are pushing a radically secular, racist, godless agenda. This agenda is not working as crime skyrockets, homelessness increases, drug overdoses reach record numbers, races divide, and teens suffer from youth suicide.

In this blessed nation where we can shape our laws, Christians must begin to take action to properly steward their communities to thrive.

Here’s the entire column.

Who can beat Franklin’s high school football team?

According to the Associated Press, Franklin High School’s football team is rated #1 in the entire state in the Large Division (enrollment 900 and up).

No surprise. The Sabers have steamrolled their way so far to an undefeated season. Before the schedule began the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote:

Going into the 2021 high school football season, no team in southeast Wisconsin looks better on paper than the Franklin Sabers.

The defending Southeast Conference champion returns nine starters on offense and depending on how you count them, six to eight on defense.

When you add in the Sabers’ track record of success – they’ve averaged 9.6 wins per season over the past decade – there is legitimate reason to believe the sky is the limit this season.

Here’s how Franklin has done so far and the rest of the schedule.

This team is a juggernaut.

Could be unbeatable.

Who could possibly stop them?

Who could derail their potential state championship run?

Here’s who.
Courtney Day

Director of Health

City of Franklin

Along with help from:
Judy Mueller

District Administrator

Franklin Public Schools

Week-ends (09/25/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Mark Levin

Enraged New Yorkers

VA mom, Stacy Langton

Virginia Oliver


We could mention him every week. Joe Biden.

This Iowa teacher


“The purpose of this investigation is to determine what was supposed to happen in our elections and what did happen, to see what went well as well as to see what might have gone badly. We will request from those officials and others with potential knowledge of unlawful actions and will compel them if necessary to produce documents and testimony.”
Former WI Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman said he is willing to compel election clerks to turn over documents and provide testimony as part of Assembly Republicans’ review of the 2020 election outcome. Gableman is overseeing the review as a special counsel and outlined some details of the review, which includes subpoenaing election clerks who do not comply with his requests. 

“Wisconsin is still struggling to make up for the cuts that were made to public education during the Great Recession, despite the fact that over half the U.S. has found a way to do so. As a consequence, in 2020, we graduated an entire generation of kids who have known nothing but austerity in our school funding. Who have known years of divestment in their future. This, folks, is the state of our education in Wisconsin.

“To truly move forward, we need a school finance system that works for all public schools.

“I’m tired of our schools and our children crying for a banquet and when there is the opportunity to have it, being served empty plates by the legislature.”

WI state Superintendent Jill Underly in her State of Education address

“Funding for K-12 education in Wisconsin is at historic levels, and this year our schools received a massive amount of one-time federal dollars. The Democrats’ singular focus to push more money into schools isn’t a winning strategy for our kids. We need to look at improving how they are being taught and why so many students are struggling with the basics – reading, writing, and arithmetic.

“We’ve seen the consequences the pandemic has played on our kids’ education, we should be focusing on doing assessments so teachers can have a better understanding of where students need to get caught up.

“Throwing even more money at the problem will not fix it.”
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos reacting to Underly

“Biden assumed office at a time when the United States was as divided as it has ever been, promising to bring us all together to build a better future. Biden has not only failed to deliver on that promise but he has also completely failed to even attempt it. The United States is no more united than it was before Biden took office, and despite his claims of being able to turn things around and work across the aisle, he has yet to take any action to unify us. … As it turned out, the man who campaigned to restore America’s soul has not restored a thing.”
Armstrong Williams

“Many politicians and administrations have let Americans down. But the Biden administration represents the worst in corruption, deceit and betrayal.”
Laura Hollis

“Biden was elected because people didn’t want Donald Trump in their living rooms for four more years. But they didn’t vote for all this other stuff that’s coming with him, and they’re gonna react, they’re gonna pump the brakes.” 
Tom Davis, the former Republican congressman from Virginia who chaired the National Republican Congressional Committee through the first midterms under President George W. Bush, said Dems’ should focus on protecting the seats they have

“Deterrence is omnipresent and also applies well beyond matters of war and peace. The current crime wave of murder and violent assault in our major cities is the wage of loud efforts to defund the police and contextualize crimes as somehow society’s rather than the criminal’s fault. As a result, lawbreakers now believe there is a good chance that robbing people or hurting or killing them might result in monetary gain or at least bloody satisfaction. They no longer fear a likely sentence of 30 years in prison. So, they see little risk in hurting people. And innocents suffer.”
Victor Davis Hanson

“More FBI employees have been indicted than members of the Trump family. More people connected with the Clinton campaign have been indicted than members of the Trump family. But the biggest indictment of all may wind up being the FBI itself. … It doesn’t get anymore serious than adults sexually assaulting children, and yet the FBI could not get that right. … When cops get more excited about investigating presidential candidates than they do investigating men [like Larry Nassar] who rape children, something is wrong. And when you botch school shooting and terrorist attacks but get really excited setting people up in false statement cases, something is wrong.”
Trey Gowdy

“Right now, there are more than 300 pregnant women under the ‘Bidenville’ bridge in Del Rio. Each child born under that bridge will essentially become your child. You, the American taxpayer, will be responsible for their healthcare and education. Never mind that you may be having a hard time providing healthcare and a decent education to your own children.”
Gary Bauer

“Democrats will not be able to stuff their most radical amnesty proposals into the reckless taxing and spending spree they are assembling behind closed doors. This just illustrates how radical Democrats’ aspirations are and how unmoored their far-left wish list has become from the procedures they want to use to ram it through. Democratic leaders refused to resist their progressive base and stand up for the rule of law, even though our border has never been less secure. After decades of failing to enact their amnesty agenda, Democrats tried this latest unprecedented gambit. It was inappropriate and I’m glad it failed.”
Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell

“Why do people seek to cross illegally at our southern border? Simple — they believe that, even if they are caught, they may still be able to stay in the United States. They will continue to come until we ensure that there are very few ways to cross illegally, and we send back those who do cross. Otherwise, many will decide it’s a risk that they are willing to take.”
Jackie Gingrich Cushman

They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.”
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki after being asked, “If [an illegal immigrant] walks into the country, right across the river, does somebody ask them to see their vaccination card?”

“We don’t need the fun police to come in and try and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing. … I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask.”
San Francisco Mayor London “Break My Own COVID Rules” Breed

“The Mississippi Legislature has enacted laws for many years regarding vaccines of many types. It is unique to kids and their ability to go to our public schools. 

“It’s not vaccines mandated in the workplace, but the question here is not about what we do in Mississippi, it’s what this president is trying to impose upon the American worker. The president very much wants you and everyone else to believe that this is a fight between politicians. 

“The reality is, this is an attack by the president on hard-working Americans, and hard-working Mississippians who he wants to choose between getting a jab in their arm and their ability to feed families. I believe that’s a false choice. The president does not have the authority to do this.

“He knows he doesn’t have the authority to do this, in my opinion, but he wants to change the political narrative away from Afghanistan and away from the other issues that are driving his poll numbers into the ground and focus on anything, particularly a political fight, other than those issues.

“If this president has the ability to mandate vaccines, what powers do we not grant this president? What does he not have the ability to do? And from my friends on the left I just want to point something out. This should scare you as well.

“This should scare Democrats just as much as it scares Republicans, because the fact is, if we give unilateral authority by one individual to do anything that he wants to do, whether it’s a jab in the arm or anything else, then this country is in deep, deep, deep trouble, and that’s not something that I’m willing to stand by and allow him to do.”

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said that allowing President Joe Biden to mandate COVID vaccines for American workers should scare Republicans and Democrats

 “Unfortunately, I believe the chances of a Chinese amphibious assault on Taiwan have increased tenfold in the last month, because, as Xi has looked at Biden, I fear that Xi has made the determination that Biden is too weak and too unable to do anything that this is now a ripe opportunity for China to move militarily on Taiwan. If that happens, it would be utterly disastrous. But weakness invites aggression. … When you have a president who rolls over for everything, it only invites the bad guys to do worse and worse things.”
Senator Ted Cruz

“Yes, there are lots of things we need to amend about the capitalist system. We have crony capitalism in this country, no doubt about it. I’m just saying, you’re wearing ‘Tax the Rich’ on your a** and people are always saying the rich don’t pay taxes. The rich pay some taxes! They pay a big part of the freight already. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be more perhaps, but let’s not lie.”
Bill Maher

“In America, capitalism is our system, it is our economic system, but it has not served our economy as well as it should.”
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, net worth: $100+ million

 “The media’s focus on the Gabby Petito case has been frustrating for some people — who point out that the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women doesn’t get nearly the same media attention.”

“Every time something like this happens, there is a tendency to hear complaints about the disparate coverage given to a missing white woman — by the very people and outlets who have the means and budgets to provide the very coverage they say is lacking.”
Jay Caruso

“A columnist in the Los Angeles Times called me ‘the Black face of white supremacy.’ Only in America can a Black person become president or a white supremacist.”
Larry Elder


Media’s corrupt COVID coverage


America Isn’t Back. It’s Backwards When Biden Lets Male Rapists into Women’s Prisons


Whips used by the Border Patrol against illegal Haitian immigrants at the southern borders turned out to be Fake News)


Research on beards, wads of gum, wins Nobel prizes

The media and COVID; zombie sheep and masks; the true anti-vaxxers; Jesus and the jab; Mel Gibson and the church

Here are this week’s highly interesting reads:

Today’s highly interesting read (09/24/21): Media Test Positive For Corrupt COVID Coverage

Today’s highly interesting read (09/23/21): The Real Anti-Vaxxers

Today’s highly interesting read (09/22/21): Zombie Sheep Masking Kids

Today’s highly interesting read (09/21/21): Why we laugh at the bubble of ‘white privilege’

Today’s highly interesting read (09/20/21): Would Jesus Mandate the Jab?

Today’s highly interesting read (09/19/21): ‘A Very Deep Sickness Afflicts the Church’

2021 POO Awards – Week 6

Each week during this year’s high school football season as I have in previous years, I’m giving out a weekly POO Award to the Wisconsin high school football team that committed the most egregious act of poor sportsmanship by trying to humiliate its opponent.

My goal is to try to build awareness of the importance of sportsmanship.

POO stands for Piling OOffensively (Or if you prefer, Pouring it On Offensively)

Week 6

St. Mary’s Springs 76, North Fond du Lac 0

And what about Wauwatosa West, winners of two Poo Awards this season?

Catholic Memorial 35, Wauwatosa West 8

It does come back to bite you.

Week 5

Phillips 78, Lincoln 38

What about Wauwatosa West, who obliterated their last two opponents?

Wauwatosa West 2, Wauwatosa East 0 (forfeit)

Week 4

Wauwatosa West 72, Milwaukee Lutheran 6

NOTE: Several teams scored in the 60’s, including the Sabers of Franklin where I live.

Week 3

Wauwatosa West 90, Pius XI 8

Week 2

Kohler Lutheran Christian Co-op 80, Random Lake 6

Week 1

Mondovi 72, Eleva-Strum 6

The Barking Lot – America’s finest Dog Blog (09/25/21)

The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of This Just In…Originally written by both my lovely wife, Jennifer and me, this blog brings you the latest news about our furry friends including articles, columns, photos and videos. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors.

TODAY:  Except for a few afternoon clouds, mainly sunny. High of 69.  “A”

SUNDAY:  Intervals of clouds and sunshine in the morning with more clouds for later in the day. High of 79.  “A”

Before we get to DOGS IN THE NEWS, one more summer rerun of a previous dog blog (yes, I know fall has arrived, but it still feels like summer doesn’t it?). Jennifer wrote this in July of 2020:

Last month, our daughter Kyla’s smile wattage increased with the addition of shiny silver brackets on her top teeth.  Believe it or not she was actually looking forward to getting them.  She needed some “prep work” in the form of a palatial expander which was inserted in January.   While she realized it was part of the treatment process it didn’t look or feel like real braces.  The next phase was delayed because of, what else, the virus.  Finally, June 8th was THE DAY.  Despite an unusual new routine for arrival and appointment she was a trooper.  (We expected nothing less in all honesty.)

Admittedly it took some getting used to…  Traditional brackets on the top, a retainer that remained IN while eating on the bottom, and the palatial expander still cemented in place.  Eating was a new adventure for a few days and I wouldn’t have asked her to say “She sells sea shells by the sea shore” and expect any enthusiasm.  But the look on her face that afternoon speaks volumes…

Kyla Braces

While my childhood braces corrected a slight overbite, Kyla’s are working to fix a crossbite.  It’s a little more complicated than what I experienced and she’s likely to have a second round of them in high school.  She fully understands and is more than willing to have a lifetime of straight teeth with no complications of jaw problems and difficulty biting & chewing.

Now, it’s no secret that 2/3 of the Fischer Family want a dog with fierce desperation.  It’s also no secret that the 1/3 remaining pays the majority of the bills, including orthodontia-related ones.  Generally high costs related to dog ownership are one of the top three reasons Kyla & I haven’t won our arguments.  Yet.    But you just know that in the back of his mind he’s thinking that with his luck even our dog will need its bite corrected.  And not in that canine vs. mailman way.

While I certainly hate to admit he could have a point about an additional expense for Fido, he’s kind of right.  Dogs CAN need braces!  But then again, who could possibly resist the cuteness of a doggo with dental work?
—-Jennifer Fischer

Thanks Jennifer!

Time now for DOGS IN THE NEWS, canines that made headlines the past week.

Dog reading newspaper ⬇ Stock Photo, Image by © damedeeso #48171735

‘We’ve been close to putting a dog in a bathroom’: Chicago-area shelters deal with overcrowding due to financial strain on owners, worry about eviction moratorium ending.

Typical dog owner values their dog’s life at $10,000 according to first of its kind economic analysis by UW professor.

Woman claims she was ‘scammed’ by dog breeder: ‘This is insane.’

Determined firefighters refuse to let dog die deep in Illinois well.

Four legs and a nose for safety: How dogs keep Honolulu’s airport safe.

Forget a pre-flight drink. Pet an airport therapy dog.

September is National Service Dog Month.

Are Dogs’ Nose Prints Really Unique and Unchanging?

More from Stanley Coren: Some dogs blessed with a sense of humor similar to children’s.

Take Very Good Dogs on Walk in Dog Park Board Game.

It’s called a ‘Bark Mitzvah.’

Lou the coonhound is famous. Here’s why.

Today in Orange County, CA, from 8am – 3pm western time the annual Surf City Surf Dog event at Huntington Dog Beach features a multi-heat dog surfing competition, guaranteed to entertain and impress. The event is free to attend and spectate. Surf dog competitors will have twelve minutes to catch his or her top five waves and be judged by local celebrities and surf judges on confidence level, length of ride, and overall ability to ride the wave.

In this photo, Gidget, left, and Derby, hang ten together in the tandem heat of the 2019 Surf City Surf Dog event in Huntington Beach, CA on Saturday, September 28, 2019. (Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register)

You can see Gidget in this video from this past July at the Incredible Dog Challenge and Surfing Competition in Huntington Beach.

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See ya, BARK, next Saturday!

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