UPDATE: Want to speak at a Franklin School Board meeting? Bring a photo ID

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The update:

One of my readers attended the Oak Creek-Franklin School Board meeting Monday night and informs they allow 30 minutes for community comments. In addition a gentleman from South Milwaukee was allowed to speak without any concerns or issues raised about his residency.

Here is the Oak Creek-Franklin rule:

Speakers will be limited to no more than 3 minutes. The Board President will end the time for public input no later than 30 minutes after it begins and any remaining speakers will then be requested to submit their comments to the Board in writing or return at the next Board meeting.

Also they have this option: “Note, you may submit a written comment to the Board through the District Website.”

Clearly the Oak Creek-Franklin process is far more reasonable and responsive to the taxpaying public than the petty and personal policy recently enacted by the Franklin School Board.

Out of spite the Franklin School Board is now censoring folks because they had the audacity to disagree with and/or question the school district.

Who, what is next?

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