‘Blue Fist’ Patti Logsdon strikes again

Local units of government around the country engage in an extremely foolish and futile exercise wasting time and productivity lobbying Congress to pay attention to them. It’s been going on for years and years, including here in the Milwaukee area.

Last week when the Milwaukee County Board met there were three resolutions on the agenda that were to be sent to federal officials in Washington. They were:

1) A resolution calling upon the United States Senate to pass and the President of the United States to sign into law House Resolution 1280, the George Floyd Act of 2021, legislatively reforming policing in the United States

2) A resolution calling upon the United States Congress to pass and the President to sign into law House Resolution 842, the Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act of 2021

3) A resolution opposing nuclear war and calling upon federal policymakers to never use nuclear weapons first, end the President of the United States from being the sole decision maker in a nuclear launch, remove US nuclear weapons from high alert, cancel the replacement of the US nuclear arsenal, and pursue a policy of complete global nuclear disarmament

Supervisor Sheldon Wasserman, a lefty, was actually a rare voice of reason on these measures:
“We’re spending a lot of time going through these resolutions, and being a former state legislator I’d get these resolutions from all over the state on different issues from farm bills and all the rest. Point blank, most of these people, they take the farm bills, all these other bills, these pieces of paper you get from these clerks and we throw them in the garbage.

“NO ONE CARES! Elected officials above us don’t care what Milwaukee County government does.”

Wasserman’s common sense fell on deaf ears. All three of the above resolutions were approved.

Supervisor Patti Logsdon who represents part of Franklin voted correctly on two of the three when she was in opposition. I want to focus on #2 of the above where Logsdon voted yes on what is essentially a pro-union resolution. From the resolution:

House Resolution 842, the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act of 2021, would generally improve the rights and protections of workers in the American workplace and, among other things, do the following:

  • Increase the number of people subject to federal fair labor standards
  • Allow labor organizations to encourage their members to strike concurrent with employees of a different labor organization striking (also known as secondary strikes) and subsequently not allowing employers to issue a claim against any labor organization for a secondary strike
  • All employees represented by a bargaining unit must contribute fees to the labor organization to cover the costs of representation, regardless of any contradictory state law
  • Prohibits employer dismissal or discrimination against striking workers
  • Lists as an unfair labor practice the requiring or coercing of employees to attend meetings which discourage union participation
  • Prohibits employers from punishing employees for union participation, participation in protected worker activities, or giving employees management responsibilities or forcing employees to sign agreements waiving the right to join collective or class-action litigation
  • Establishes penalties for violations of these requirements and allows for greater enforcement action by the National Labor Relations Board

Logsdon voted in favor. In doing so she aligned herself with the resolution’s main sponsor, Supervisor Ryan Clancy. From Clancy’s own website:

“Ryan is the first socialist to have been elected to public office in Milwaukee since 1956.”

I’m not following Logsdon’s rationale as to why she’d object to the other useless appeals to Washington but favored this one. But then again this is the same Logsdon who at another virtual county board meeting flashed the ‘blue fist’ on the screen behind her (More on that coming soon).

Remember, she claims to be soooooo conservative.

Supervisors Joe Czarnezki and Tony Staskunas also represent parts of Franklin. Czarnezki voted to approve all three. Staskunas voted in support except for the nuclear war/weapons resolution.

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