No one would object to this sign, would they?

Unfortunately, yes.

Right here in Franklin.

The signs sits on S. 76th Street on the east side of the street, just south of Rawson Avenue.

Hateful Leftists on a hard Leftist FB forum in Franklin, not surprisingly, have their noses out of joint.

Their first extremely petty objection was that it somehow violates the city’s sign ordinance. Ooh, now that certainly would be outrageous. Can you imagine a mob of angry citizens storming Franklin City Hall in protest?

After awhile the haters discovered something else to whine about. They claim the sign is political.

You see the sign is paid for according to the disclaimer clearly displayed at the bottom by No Better Friend Corporation. That’s a 501(c)(4) working to implement and advocate for solutions to problems while also proactively reaching out and bringing new voices into the conservative movement.

Kevin Nicholson, a decorated U.S. Marine, is the Volunteer President of No Better Friend Corporation who has not decided yet if he will run for WI Governor or the U.S. Senate.

The sign is NOT political. It is not advocating for any political candidate whatsoever. And the Back the Badge crowd does not belong to any political party. Suggesting the above sign is political is absurd.

Here’s the deal. This hateful bunch doesn’t give a rat’s posterior that someone might be violating the city’s powerful sign ordinance. The message on the sign, promoted on a very busy Franklin street, is what they can’t stomach.

Now toss in the fact it’s funded by a conservative Republican and their heads are exploding.

Here’s hoping the city doesn’t cave and allows this glorious sign to remain.

3 thoughts on “No one would object to this sign, would they?

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