Oh really, Jill Underly?

Jill Underly Defeats Deborah Kerr In State Superintendent Election |  Wisconsin Public Radio

“Our public schools and libraries can and should unite us …They are literally the only places in our communities where everyone is accepted.
—WI State Superintendent Jill Underly in her State of Education address today

I know there are Franklin residents who would vehemently disagree.

And there was this comment by Underly:

“This has been a challenging year and a half for all of us, and it’s understandable to be frustrated. But we can’t turn that frustration against our educators or place blame on our schools. We need to give school staff and school board members grace and the support they need as they work to keep kids safe and avoid disruptions in learning.”

What utter nonsense. Far too many school districts have been disruptive and have made conditions less safe.

We’ll turn our frustration against school administrators and school board members whenever the hell we please.

Finally, this laugher from Underly:

“I know masks are a contentious issue in so many of our communities. But the kids? They didn’t seem bothered. They were willing to do what they needed to in order to keep each other safe and to keep their learning free of disruption. We could learn a lot from them.”

Yes, we can and should learn a lot from kids who are being abused by masks daily.

4 thoughts on “Oh really, Jill Underly?

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