Tremendous 2021 quotes

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Here’s one:

“I am often asked on radio what are ‘we’ going to do about  recovering our country. Too often, what is meant is —what is someone else going to do to save America. That mind-set is is simply unacceptable. If we are to rally to the defense of our own liberty and unalienable rights, then each of us, in our own roles and ways, must become personally and directly involved as citizen activists, in our own fate and the fate of our country. The time has come to reclaim what is ours—the American republic—from those who seek to destroy it. If we expect others to rescue our nation for us, as we go about our daily lives as mere observers to what is transpiring, or close our eyes and ears to current events, we will lose this struggle. And yes, it is a struggle.”

And one more, made by the same individual:

“The time to act is now. Each of us must take time out of our daily lives to help save our country. We must be tactical and nimble in our movements. And we must organize, rally, boycott, protest, speak, write, and more—and, where appropriate, we must use the Marxist’s strategies and tactics against him. In other words, we must become the new ‘community activists.’ But unlike the Marxists, our cause is patriotism.”

Those quotes can be found here.

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