Today’s highly interesting read (09/19/21): ‘A Very Deep Sickness Afflicts the Church’

On this Sunday…

Who is Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano? | National Catholic Reporter

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò,  the former chief Vatican diplomat in the United States, is no fan of Pope Francis.

In August of 2018 Viganò  penned a 7,000-word letter that called for the resignation of Pope Francis. Viganò accused the Pope of covering up sexual abuse and giving comfort to a “homosexual current” in the Vatican.

That was 2018. As of today Viganò is showing no signs of letting up on his criticism. And he’s getting support from actor Mel Gibson who in 2004 directed a well-known movie depicting the final 12 hours in the life of Jesus Christ. Gibson maintains the Catholic Church has serious issues. says

From today’s read:

Gibson gave support to orthodox priests who are being persecuted by “their own bishops,” he said, referring to the bishops as “a pack of men who generally passively sit by and tolerate any kind of nonsense but if one of their priests utter something that resembles orthodoxy … they spring into action, they reprimand him, and they bully him, and do their best to cancel him, and … drum him out of the service.”

Read the entire article here.

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