After Patti Logsdon’s latest bash against the Rock, Steve Taylor responds, and how

Long before shovels broke ground for Franklin’s Ballpark Commons (BPC), Milwaukee County Supervisor Patti Logsdon has despised the project.

Logsdon’s animosity for the highly successful and popular economic development has angered residents as well as community movers and shakers. The supervisor didn’t help her cause on Thursday when she made disparaging remarks about the Rock Sports Complex at a meeting of the Milwaukee County Board’s Audit Committee. Her contention that contractually the Rock owes Milwaukee County in the ballpark of around $1 million is being disputed as simply not true.

Watching Logsdon during the virtual Audit Committee meeting Thursday was Steve Taylor. Logsdon defeated Taylor in 2018 to take his county board seat, but did so with the help of $129,069 in attack campaign lit pieces funded by former Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and his Leadership MKE group.

Not long after the dust had settled Thursday from the Audit Committee meeting Taylor e-mailed a sizzling e-mail to Logsdon.  Taylor has given me permission to post. The subject line of the e-mail read “Keep up the Good Work.”


It is amazing how often you keep stepping in it.  First, I heard that you blame everyone but yourself for your “Blue Fist” backdrop at the July County Board Meeting.  Take some responsibility for heaven’s sake. This will be used in the next election and I can promise you that.  Secondly I know for a fact that you have zero standing with the County Board and administration and therefore the residents of Hales Corners will once again most likely get screwed because of your ineptness.  I didn’t put $575,000 into Hales Corners Pool to have you close it. Once again the buck stops with you. 

I am going to use a phrase that you use multiple times a day…… “I was told” you babbled and lectured the mayors and village presidents at the ICC Meeting.  The feedback I received from multiple sources was that while you were speaking most were on their phones because they too know you are not a credible elected official.  I sure wish I would have been in town to witness this train wreck.  Your press release is another example of the continued nothingness that comes out of your office.  

I watched the Audit Committee Meeting and as always you brought nothing to the table and your math skills are obviously lacking.  This doesn’t surprise me because I know you have trouble managing your personal finances and as a result you have lousy credit.  Thank God you aren’t on the Finance Committee.  I can’t believe how out of touch you are with the BPC Development.  The majority of Franklin residents and surrounding communities strongly approve of what is taking place on its campus.  You have insulted business owners at Chamber of Commerce events and have foolishly aligned yourself with the worst individuals who reside in our community.  Thankfully everything I just stated means the days of you stealing from Milwaukee County taxpayers will be ending in April.  I can’t believe that when your time is up the residents will have forked over $100k in your salary which is highway robbery.

Finally, I have been monitoring the Independent Redistricting Committee’s work because as I am sure you are aware that I sponsored the ordinance in 2016.  I am extremely pleased to see that the current maps show a district that includes all of Franklin and Hales Corners and only a sliver of Oak Creek.  This district couldn’t have been tailored any better.  Get it…..tailored as in Taylor…LOL

All My Best!!

Steve F. Taylor

Logsdon doesn’t like that I’ve written negative, critical blogs about her. They happen to be true.

And she’s no longer a quiet, behind the scenes, pencil pushing accountant. Elected officials are fair game when it comes to scrutiny and criticism.

Logsdon is not very astute politically. She’s oblivious to the fact she’s made enemies and is not well-liked.

If Steve Taylor runs against Logsdon, and I’m beginning to he think he will, she’s in for a dogfight.  She’s under siege. Not quite like Taylor in 2018, but still squarely on the radar. Shoe’s on the other foot. Wonder how she likes it.

4 thoughts on “After Patti Logsdon’s latest bash against the Rock, Steve Taylor responds, and how

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