Today’s highly interesting read (09/10/21): Would You Have Stormed The Cockpit?

May be an image of monument and outdoors
The United 93 Shanksville, PA Memorial

Today’s read is from Kylee Zempel, an assistant editor at The Federalist. Here’s an excerpt:
I also remember in great detail the time I visited the memorial near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, looking out over the field where Flight 93 went down.

It’s that scenario, of the plane that didn’t strike the Twin Towers but went down in the middle of an empty field, that I think about most. Now that I’m older and can grasp the circumstances, I better understand why someone would storm the cockpit. The weightier question now is: Would I have?

It’s a question we all should ask.
There’s an obvious contrast in the brave men and women of Flight 93 two decades ago and most Americans today.
The former stared down death and, despite fear, spent their final breaths in service to each other and to Americans they had never met. The latter group, the Americans of 2021, compose a culture mired in an unhealthy relationship with death. Here we kill off the weak and innocent and chalk it up to empowerment and choice.

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (09/10/21): Would You Have Stormed The Cockpit?

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