Franklin school officials don’t care how damaging masks are


Forced, coercive masking of the youngest students in the Franklin Pubic Schools system is unnecessary and abusive. Folks with far more smarts than me have come up with those assessments.

At last week’s meeting of the school board three members made incredibly reasonable arguments against mandatory masking,  the most critical being that parents, not the elected or bureaucrats, are best equipped to make health care decisions about their very own children.

Unfortunately four members stubbornly scoffed at the blatantly obvious common sense, refusing to
give the concept the slightest amount of consideration.

My school district now forces kids in grades K4-6, the least risky of all students, to mask up or else. We have turned supposedly caring staff, teachers and administrators into rigid taskmasters, imposing security guards waiting pounce and punish. Yes, punish.



Cause (a person or place) to be or remain alone or apart from others.

Suppose a defiant parent chooses to resist and sends a child, heaven forbid, to class sans mask, cue the heavy-handed educrats.

The confused maskless child will be nabbed and ushered to what is being called an “isolation room” according to a letter (threatening I submit) all affected parents have received.

“Please note, that if you decide to instruct your child not to wear a mask at school, the District will be required to isolate in a supervised location while they wait to be picked up from you or another authorized adult. Thereafter, the District will be required to explore other options, including but not limited to prohibiting your child from in-person instruction, marking them absent, and providing them with schoolwork to complete at home.”

I wonder how many taxpayer-financed greedy attorneys were commissioned to come up with that intimidating lingo.

Speaking of that noble profession, Ilya Feoktistov is a Boston-based civil rights attorney. Though not openly recommending legal action he does make compelling arguments in support of frustrated parents in a column published today. Here are some highlights:

As mask mandates and habits return across the United States, clear and convincing scientific data from before and after 2020 suggest masking has negative health consequences that outweigh its utility.

Earlier this year, a group of German doctors and biomedical scientists looked at the available data on the negative health effects of face masks, published both before and during the COVID-19 outbreak, as catalogued in the U.S. federal government’s biomedical database, PubMed. They found significant evidence of “relevant, undesired medical, organ and organ system-related phenomena accompanied by wearing masks,” with “clear, scientifically recorded adverse effects for the mask wearer.”

Covering the airways with masks makes breathing harder, due to the air resistance they generate and the moisture they collect inside. According to one 2020 study: “Ventilation, cardiopulmonary exercise capacity and comfort are reduced by surgical masks and highly impaired by FFP2/N95 face masks in healthy individuals.”

Masks also create “dead space” air between the mask surface and the face, which remains trapped at the end of every breath out, and gets rebreathed right back in. Dead-space air is stale, potentially containing 20 times the CO2 concentration of normal room air, along with hundreds of other substances excreted by the human body through the lungs, including toxins.

Mixed with those are traces of the chemicals, such as formaldehyde, used to make or preserve the masks. Plastic microfibers slough off the fabric, have recently been found lodged in the sinuses of patients diagnosed with irritant rhinitis, and may make it all the way into the lungs.

Because of the increased resistance to breathing and trapped dead-space air, masks make it harder for the lungs to remove CO2 from the blood, and to supply the blood with oxygen. Multiple experimental studies with N95, surgical, and other masks, some published in prestigious journals like Nature, provide evidence that all common kinds of face masks can result in statistically higher blood CO2 levels or lower blood oxygen levels in healthy individuals, or both.

The body reacts to this imbalance by increasing its resting pulse and breathing rates, which can be dangerous to those in poor health.

All of this would fall on the tone-deaf ears of Franklin’s superintendent and a slight majority of school board members. For a few months parents have passionately and emotionally informed Franklin officials about the physical and psychological damage caused by masks. The cold, callous response has been total indifference. How can they possibly feel good about themselves? Their defense of trying to save all of Franklin simply doesn’t hold up.

Remember years ago all those public service announcements that proclaimed “Every child deserves a quality education”?

Try this statement from July 2020:

“Even during a crisis, every child deserves access to a quality education.”
— Christian Barnard, an education policy analyst at Reason Foundation

Those are but hollow words in my school district where a pledge to provide the best has unfortunately been replaced by punitive priorities.

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