Ald. Wilhelm’s strategy to choose a new council member bombs

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One of the worst kept secrets in city of Franklin politics is Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm’s disdain for Mayor Steve Olson. Wilhelm had an opportunity last week to thwart her nemesis, but failed due to a lack of strategical smarts. When former Alderman Mark Dandrea moved out of state with his wife it left the Franklin Common Council with the job to appoint a replacement for the remainder of Dandrea’s term. Five candidates stepped forward to apply.

Those close to City Hall knew Olson preferred Ed Holpfer who’s been heavily involved in Franklin for many years. The mayor also liked Clarke Johnson but his #1 pick was Holpfer.

At a special council meeting last week a vote was taken on Dandrea’s successor and it ended up in a tie.

Please follow along.

Ald. Dan Mayer selected Johnson, Ald. Shari Hanneman chose Holpfer, Ald. Mike Barber selected Holpfer, Ald. John Nelson chose Johnson, and Ald. Kristen Wilhelm voted for Katie Walczak.

Olson then broke the 2-2-1 tie by voting for Holpfer.

Did you catch that? If Wilhelm didn’t want Olson’s guy, and she most assuredly did not, then she should have voted for Johnson. He would have then captured three votes, preventing Olson from casting the tiebreaker.

Wilhelm’s vote for Walczak was futile. The candidate never stood a chance. Wilhelm was not happy at the fact Olson had the tie breaking authority. But then she goes ahead and hands Olson the very opportunity he wanted.

Pretty dumb move by Wilhelm. I’m not surprised.

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