1st day of school and Kyla would rather not

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Today is Kyla’s first day of school at Franklin’s Forest Park Middle School.  Incredibly she enters 7th grade. I helped in her delivery more than 12 years ago. It seems like yesterday.

In their infinite wisdom the folks that manage Franklin Public Schools ( you know, the ones with degrees protruding from their armpits) thought it would be colossally smart to make Kyla go back to school today, have off Thursday, and return to school on Friday. All this prior to the Labor Day holiday weekend.

They call it a staggered school start. I call it stupid.

As I begin to write this (8:19 Tuesday night) I asked Kyla if she was excited about her first day. Without hesitation she responded, “Not really.”

To be honest, once Kyla arrives at Forest Park and retrieves stuff she put in her locker at last week’s open house and sees old friends and new teachers, an excitement will build.

As for her pre-first day immediate scoffing at back to school I don’t blame her. A chip off the old block. I was the same way.

When I was a kid on the night before that infamous first day, around 7:30 pm I could be found riding my bike in the alleys of my south side Milwaukee neighborhood. It was 100% safe to do that back then.

Ride as I might, enjoy my bike as I did, my mind couldn’t escape what lied ahead the next morning.  The summer was so good, so memorable, that the thought of saying goodbye to my favorite season in exchange for a desk, books, a teacher, and a blackboard just offered no appeal.

I feel Kyla’s pain. Kyla will get over it. And a lot sooner than her father did.


Our house received a robocall Tuesday night from Franklin Public Schools District Administrator (i.e. superintendent) Judy Mueller feigning excitement about Day One. This is the same woman who wants to lock Franklin students in masks God knows how long.

Mueller’s message was not only insincere. It was comical.

Tonight, Mueller said, tell your children as they go to sleep that we’re excited about their first day so they’re excited, too.


2 thoughts on “1st day of school and Kyla would rather not

  1. Oh she’s darling in the picture!
    I hope she has a great day!
    We resume homeschooling tomorrow and are looking somewhat forward to it! Roger is very hands on. It’s only Quinn now.
    She’s a lovely girl! You and Jennifer must be so proud!


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