Today’s highly interesting read (08/30/21): Five Ways to Deal with the COVID Karens in Your Life

Facts Do Not Matter" To The Covidian Cult - Invesbrain

Today’s read is from Scott Morefield, a weekly columnist at Townhall. Here’s a brief excerpt, followed by the entire column:

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s an undeclared civil war going on in this country – and indeed many if not most places across the globe – about our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The divide cuts across politics, geography, occupation, gender, race, religion, and even families, and yet it’s arguably as deep and as wide as any issue that has ever faced humanity.

It pits the hypochondriacs, the hysterical busybodies intent on using the virus to run everybody’s life, those who favor lockdowns and vaccine & mask mandates while refusing to discuss the science and data that opposes their worldview, against level-headed, freedom-loving individuals who know how to apprise risk and act accordingly.

If you honestly think, despite the loads of data on our side and the severe lack of data on theirs, that forcibly masking children with a damp, bacteria-laden piece of cloth is the best way to ‘stop the spread’ of a virus that poses almost zero statistical risk to students in schools, you are a monster and I don’t want anything to do with you.

So, what are we to do with these Branch Covidian cultists? I would recommend any or all of the following options…

Read it all here in this outstanding piece.

2 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (08/30/21): Five Ways to Deal with the COVID Karens in Your Life

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