Disgusting moments at Wednesday’s Franklin School Board meeting

During a rather lengthy and somewhat nauseating lecture-like presentation by Franklin’s medical advisory board, school board member Angela Bier inexplicably asked a question but specifically mentioned a Franklin resident by name, the resident’s child, and the child’s medical condition.

Bier should have known better than to get that personal. The resident was very upset and during the citizen comment period called Bier out who apologized.

Another incident occurred during the comment period. A Franklin resident, an arrogant COVID hypochondriac who frequently posts his mask and vaccine obsessions on a hateful Leftist forum, was walking back to his seat following his remarks to the board. That’s when he flipped two middle fingers to mask optional supporters in the audience.

Despicable. Zero class.

Yes, mask optional folks shouted and interrupted the proceedings. But none of them used profanity or obscene gestures.

5 thoughts on “Disgusting moments at Wednesday’s Franklin School Board meeting

  1. Dear Kevin,
    That’s when you know he feels he is losing. He has resorted to obscene insult. He should have been asked to leave until he could control his emotions.

    One of those: says more about him things.

    If he wants his kids perfectly safe and masked up, he could homeschool. I think that’s a wonderful option for him and like minded folks!


  2. Yet, then when I read that the little kids have to wear masks in your district, my mind resorts to childish, despicable, low class ways to make them regret their decision to mask my kid.
    How about a Dale Gribble mask? There’s a cigarette hanging out one corner of the cartoon mouth.
    Or the gorilla mouth smoking a cigar?
    Or the dirty pair of men’s underwear?
    Or would the diaper mask be better?
    Maybe a mouthful of huge hillbilly teeth?
    Or perhaps the toothy smile covered with goo and assorted bits of garbage?

    Masks with catchy slogans are always good… But by then I’m confident a mask “dress code” would be in place.


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  4. I looked back at past Franklin School Board meetings. At the May 26th, 2021 board meeting, Amna Ozegovic disclosed that her daughter does not wear a mask for medical reasons. Go to the 34:07 mark on the audio for the May 26th meeting (link below). Ozegovic said she spoke with doctors at the Children’s Hospital. She detailed the health problems her daughter was experiencing. That’s why her daughter does not wear a mask. While Angela Bier said the parent’s name at the Aug. 25th meeting, the parent in question had disclosed a lot more information about her daughter at the May meeting. Link here: https://players.brightcove.net/pages/v1/index.html?accountId=1978808470001&playerId=default&videoId=6256448318001&autoplay=true


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