Today’s highly interesting read (08/17/21): Parents Increasingly Fight for Control

Kim Herro, bottom left, Dan Raasch, top left, and Rick Grothaus have all resigned from the Oconomowoc School Board.
From jsonline:

Three Oconomowoc School Board members have abruptly resigned.

In a joint news release, Rick Grothaus, Kim Herro and Dan Raasch announced they are no longer a part of the school board, effective immediately.

Last year, a group called Oconomowoc Citizens Represented attempted to recall Herro, Scott Roehl and Juliet Steitzer because they voted to begin the 2020-21 school year in a hybrid model.

Members leading the recall charge were upset over board members’ decision not to approve a model that features having students in the classroom five days a week.

While Grothaus and Raasch also voted in favor of the hybrid model, they were not eligible to be recalled since, under state statute, a board member must have served a minimum of one year of their term for which they were most recently elected. Raasch and Grothaus were elected in April 2020.

Today’s read is from Robin Smith who currently serves in the TN General Assembly. Here’s an excerpt:

Parents are being reminded that they are the First Teachers and have influence not just in their homes but in their communities. For too long, bureaucracies have assumed that a parent is surrendering their legal authority and voice when a student walks onto government-run school property. The ideology of a growing number in public education is that the system knows best, not parents. The year 2020 will be remembered for COVID; the year 2022 may be remembered for the parents making a difference in public education for the benefit of their children.

Read the entire column here.

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