Week-ends (08/14/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Carli Lloyd

Ball girl


Linda Sexton

Joe Biden




“It is important to understand we don’t have divided government. Democrats are in complete control. They have all the capabilities of increasing the debt ceiling to accommodate their reckless spending. So leader McConnell has been quite strong on this, saying we’re not going to provide any votes to help you pay for or accommodate your deficit spending, and so with McConnell’s leadership I wrote a letter, drafted it, and circulated that yesterday. We got 46 of the 50 Republican senators saying that we will not provide votes to help Democrats increase their debt ceiling. Again they have the complete capability of doing it. … We’re not going to cave. The American people have to understand that Democrats, this is their out of control spending. They have the complete capability of increasing the debt ceiling and we’re going to make them do that themselves on their own without Republican help.”
US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)

“A couple of days ago I was down in Mexico, and I said look, you know, ‘If, if our borders are the first line of defense, we’re going to lose, and this is unsustainable.’ We can’t continue like this, our people in the field can’t continue, and our system isn’t built for it.”
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed the administration is “going to lose” the border crisis as “unsustainable” numbers of migrants continue to pour into the United States. Mayorkas’s remarks came during a private meeting with Border Patrol agents in Texas.

“I know people must like to have their individual freedom and not be told to do something, but I think we’re in such a serious situation now that, under certain circumstances, mandates should be done.”
Dr. Anthony Fauci

“[The] federal government ought to get the living daylights out of our life and stop telling us how to lead our lives.”
Senator Rick Scott

“Cloth masks, or even surgical masks, are like tying a rope around your waist while driving and claiming it’s a seat belt. It also isn’t too much of an exaggeration to say wearing a Gucci style face-covering, such as Nancy Pelosi has, is like asking an X-ray technician to wear their grandmother’s kitchen apron when taking X-rays.”
Dr. Peter Weiss

“Screw your freedom. You’re a schmuck for not wearing a mask. I don’t want to villainize anyone here.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger

“The Democrats need to keep hitting the COVID panic button for a couple of reasons. The first is that they’ve gone kinda fascist now and want to keep the masses in check with the “public health” tyranny. The other reason is that they want to use all of this to keep flushing election laws down the toilet. That makes me wonder if maybe they aren’t peaking a little too soon here. They might want to pace themselves with the variant panic if they want to be able to jerk around the election laws 15 months from now. Then again, the way Fauci and Co. have been just making stuff up, they may not be worried about their ability to wing it for a few more years.”
PJ Media senior columnist and associate editor Stephen Kruiser

“Each parent has the right to do what they feel is best for their child. This includes mask-wearing. I do not support government-mandated masks in the classrooms. Stick to the science.”
Mike Pompeo

“You don’t want to live in a country where all your needs are taken care of by the government. That’s not how you become great. That’s how you become dependent, vulnerable, and truly oppressed.”
Dennis Prager

“[Governor Andrew Cuomo has] done a hell of a job. … That’s why [his resignation is] so sad.”
Joe Biden

On this date in 258, St. Lawrence was roasted to death on a gridiron for remaining loyal to the Catholic Church. Fast forward to August 10, 2021, when another Catholic, New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is being roasted by the media for his disloyalties. Indeed, he’s toast.

Even in leaving, Cuomo still doesn’t get it. “In my mind,” he said, “I’ve never crossed the line with anyone. But I didn’t realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn.”

He should have—he was the one who redrew it. In 2019, he bragged that New York is “the most aggressive state in the country on women’s rights. Anything I can do on sexual harassment we will do.” Thus did he unwittingly lay the trap that would eventually ensnare him.

In 2019, the “former altar boy,” as he liked to refer to himself, signed the Child Victims Act, a law which suspended the statute of limitations for sexual offenses against minors. At the time, he singled out the Catholic Church for condemnation, knowing full well that this problem was most acute in the public schools. Last year, he authorized a one-year extension of the law (the statute applied to others but rapacious lawyers focused almost exclusively on the Catholic Church).

How ironic it is to note that the Child Victims Act, which was never about justice for everyone, is set to expire on August 14, the same week Cuomo packed it in following multiple sexual misconduct allegations.

Now, at least, there may be justice for his many alleged female victims. As such, this is making for a very Catholic ending.  
Catholic League president Bill Donohue

“The problem with capitalism is that there’s so much prosperity and free time people start creating their own problems.”
Kevin Sorbo

 “I’ve noticed a phenomenon among Gen Z. Many of them don’t want to get their drivers licenses at 16. Independence isn’t exciting. Many don’t date or talk to people they like beyond Snapchat. Communication in general is anxiety-inducing. It’s like they’re emotionally stunted. Why?”
Allie Beth Stuckey

 “Critical Race Theory essentially argues that racism is baked into all the systems of American society, and that any sort of neutral system is, in fact, a guise for racial power. … And so what that boils down to, in sort of practical terms, is all disparity equals discrimination. If you can see any stat where black people are underperforming white people, this means the system was set up for the benefit of white people, and that white people have a duty to tear down these systems in order to alleviate the racism that’s implicit in those systems. When it comes to schools, what this tends to boil down to is kids who are white have experienced privilege because the system was built for white people, and we have to change the standard.”
Ben Shapiro

 “I just want to take some time to thank the TX Democrats for dismantling the premise of vaccine passports by showing us how breakthrough cases work. I also want to thank Obama for leading the way on getting back to our pre-COVID lives and having fun again.”
Lisa Boothe


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