Kids in class will commit murder

Over on a local Franklin Facebook page a radical COVID hypochondriac recently wrote this:

“The people that are trying to actually kill people are the ones that refuse to wear masks, refuse to get the vaccine, and refuse to follow simple public health policy.”

Pretty ridiculous.

If you thought such stupidity couldn’t be topped when it comes to absurdity guess again.

Eight states have enacted laws or issued executive orders prohibiting school districts from requiring students to wear masks. One of them is Oklahoma.

Gov. Kevin Stitt last month announced he won’t implement another state of emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic, ruling out the possibility of mask mandates in Oklahoma schools.

Stitt said he is “not planning on declaring an emergency. This is about personal responsibility. This is about freedoms.”

A new law that took effect July 1 prevents public school districts in Oklahoma from requiring mask wearing unless the governor has issued a state of emergency for their locality. Public schools and universities are also prohibited from mandating COVID-19 vaccines and masks for unvaccinated individuals.

Stitt noted the law doesn’t prevent parents from voluntarily having their children wear masks or get vaccinated.

On Tuesday night the Norman, Oklahoma school board held a meeting where member Linda Sexton made these eloquent comments…

Did you catch that?

“It’s just not OK for kids to commit murder by coming to school without a mask. And when it comes down to it, it’s possible. They will cause a death of another child because they come to school without a mask. That’s not OK.”

Kids can be murderers. Asinine.

Sexton was forced to try to make amends.

“My emotions got the best of me in that moment and I went too far in regards to people’s decisions not to wear a mask. I apologize for my choice of words and I regret deeply that I placed blame on students and families for their personal choices. I want to say directly to those families that I am very sorry. I am striving to better understand the choices and decisions of those who oppose masking and I am committed to ensuring our schools are a welcoming environment for all.”

This is what parents all across America are up against. Rhodes scholars like Linda Sexton.

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