Why there’s a good chance FPS will renege on going mask optional in the fall

On June 18, 2021, Franklin Public Schools (FPS) Administrator Judy Mueller wrote in a weekly news bulletin:

Student Mask Wearing – This fall, we will recommend that unvaccinated students wear a mask, however, mask-wearing will not be required. Current CDC guidelines recommend that unvaccinated individuals wear masks in public.

I submit that declaration is now in jeopardy. There are a number of reasons why.

So-called ‘experts’ are applying pressure

Throughout the pandemic the FPS has worshipped like so many others at the altar of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the be-all end-all when it comes to guidance for COVID hypochondriacs and control freaks.

On July 27, the CDC revised its COVID guidance and urged even fully vaccinated people to mask up in public, indoor settings when in areas of “substantial” to “high” transmission – defined by the federal agency as 50 to more than 100 infections per 100,000 people.

The majority of the country currently falls under these categories. 

The CDC now advises fully vaccinated people to get tested if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms – or 3 to 5 days after coming into close contact with someone who tested positive – and isolate. While awaiting results, the CDC recommends wearing a mask indoors for two weeks or until receiving a negative result.

They also pushed for universal indoor masking in K-12 schools regardless of vaccination status.

What about WI?

“When we start school in a few months, we are going to be in a bad phase of the epidemic, where transmission is high,” Dr. Ryan Westergaard of the UW Dept. of Mediciane told Wisconsin school and health officials in a briefing last week, “We have a different virus now that is four to five times more contagious, that can spread from people who are vaccinated and people who are unvaccinated, and the whole country is heating up.”

DPI Superintendent Jill Underly, who headed the Pecatonica School District before being elected to the state’s top education job last school year, sent administrators a letter last Thursday urging them to require masks, citing similar guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“Throughout the school year, (Pecatonica) required all children and staff to wear masks, and anyone visiting campus indoors to wear masks,” she wrote. “And while it wasn’t perfect, it worked. It kept our schools open except for a few periods of high transmission in the community.”

TODAY (Monday) Underly said in a news release:

“To ensure our schools stay open to in-person instruction, it is essential districts do everything they can to keep kids, staff, and families safe. With almost half a million children in our public schools currently unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, they remain vulnerable and susceptible to infection. Our schools must take appropriate measures and utilize available resources to ensure the safety of their students and staff. That includes wearing masks while indoors and utilizing other strategies and mitigation measures outlined in our updated guidance.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported “Health officials from all Milwaukee County communities join in urging school boards to insist on universal K-12 masking,” including city of Franklin public health specialist Lauren Gottlieb.

School districts around the state like Franklin are being hammered by over-zealous, power hungry, again, so-called ‘experts’ to get tough.

Conceivably, weak-kneed school districts could fold like an accordion.

Media headlines and news bulletins are alarmingly scary.

Pentagon to mandate vaccination for service members

Hospitals filling up, ICU numbers more than triple in four weeks

Pediatric hospitals are filling with coronavirus patients

Wisconsin education officials ‘strongly recommend’ that schools require masks

Liberal school administrators and school boards read the papers. They watch TV.

What do you think they read and watch?

What do you think they’ll be influenced by?

The mask hypochondriacs have been awakened

They’ve started their own e-mail campaign along with their own online petition, co-opting the efforts of a large contingent of mask-optional parents who have been crusading since April. With no shame whatsoever, the mask our kids crowd has with no shame or creative originality co-opted the very name of our group to try to lobby their ridiculous propaganda.

Seriously. You saw how meeting after meeting after, e-mail after e-mail after e-mail. Disresprectful. Could care less.

The mask optional group has started a second successful online petition drawing hundreds of signatures thus far.

Honestly, which group of protesters do you think is more apt to gain the sympathy of Franklin’s public school elite?

We told you so

it’s the ‘out’ for the weasel running FPS.

They never promised perpetuity.

They would continue to monitor all the stuff I mentioned above.

At any time they could pull the rug out, and go back on their earlier ruling, I would suspect just before school stats. All in the interest of public safety you understand.

FPS simply can’t be trusted

They’ve been Jesse James bandits on taxes.

I’ve documented how current business manager Jim Milzer lied to the school board aboard about approving an astronomical tax increase.

They lied manipulated an lied about forming a locked doors assembly to coerce Franklin High School students of voting age to approve a massive referendum property tax increase.

When taxpayers, including myself, request information through legal avenues, the district is evasive, delays, and fails to provide total accurate information in violation of the open records law,

Some people, actually celebrated when FPS announced FPS was going mask optional. My immediate reaction was WTH are you partying for? They did nothing. School is out of session. Plus they can always stab you in back before Labor Day.


Why would you think FPS wouldn’t  screw you?

When have they backed the vociferous taxpayers?

Well, we didn’t hear from you

Through no fault of their own Franklin politically did dead man walking.


Arguably it’s Franklin’s best quality.

It is upsetting to hear Franklin folk who claim they just can’t get off their butt to go to a meeting or send an e-mail but can find time to post after post about any other junk. It’s like in December when property tax bills come out and the rage erupts. TOO LATE GENIUS!

My Prediction

FPS will announce they are reneging and will require students wear masks to school in the fall.

Does that mean all is lost?

Heavens no.

But the fight must continue a helluva lot more than now.

Clicking the linked emoji doesn’t cut it anymore.

You need to get off your posterior.

Otherwise forget the outrage once kids are masked in school.

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