Masks are useless. Just ask the manufacturer.

I sent the following today to Franklin Public Schools District Administrator Judy Mueller and all members of the Franklin School Board:


As you’re probably aware state employees in Wisconsin are now required to wear face masks. This move comes from the state Department of Administration (DOA) and applies to nearly all state employees and contractors, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated.

Today workers at the DOA were given boxes of masks. One of the boxes is pictured here.  Please note what is written on the box:

“This product is not a respirator and will not provide any protection against COVID-19.”

May be an image of text that says 'WARNING: THIS PRODUCT LOOP MASK. THIS PRODUCT NOT ARESPIRATOR NOT PROVIDEANY PROTECTIONAGAINST COVID-19(CORONAVIRUS) OR OTHERVIRUSES OR CONTAMINANTS. Wearing an ear loop mask does not reduce the risk of contracting any disease or infection. User is solely responsible for the selection of appropriate personal protective equipment the setting and application. Change immediately if contaminated. Made Soft Material General Purpose Use Only LatexFree Free 50Masks'

Please keep Franklin schools mask optional this school year.

5 thoughts on “Masks are useless. Just ask the manufacturer.

    • Just wondering if you own stock in any of these companies? CHILDREN DO NOT NEED MASKS! Why weren’t they wearing them during the H1N1 pandemic (swine flu),or the SARS outbreak? Just asking!


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