Your tax dollars at work: Objectivity at public radio is all but gone

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FULL DISCLOSURE: I worked  at WUWM-FM Milwaukee Public Radio from May 1978 to August 1989 when my contract was not renewed. WTMJ Radio then picked me up.

I’m proud of my work at public radio where I believe we bent over backwards to be fair. Even the network, National Public Radio (NPR) I thought did a far better job at being objective as opposed to now.

Today public radio makes absolutely no effort to try to hide their bias which is painfully blatant. When I worked at WUWM I scoffed at listeners who called in to say our taxpayer support needed to end. Now I’m all with them.

Our studios on the campus of UW-Milwaukee were located in the bowels of the Fine Arts Building, a veritable bomb shelter. Today’s WUWM studios are lavish, a broadcasting Taj Mahal. I rarely listen but do check public radio online because their non-political features can be exceptional.

Today Catholic League president Bill Donohue is calling for defunding NPR:

Its latest policy directive to employees removes any pretense of its objectivity.

In July, NPR rolled out its revised ethics policy. Its public editor, Kelly McBride, said it “eliminates the blanket prohibition from participating in ‘marches, rallies and public events,’ as well as vague language that directed NPR journalists to avoid personally advocating for ‘controversial’ or ‘polarizing’ issues.”

What changed? The riots of 2020.

Kelly cites several examples of the kind of activism that fuels NPR. Black Lives Matter is mentioned, along with other references to racially charged news events. Indeed, in anticipation of questions from NPR reporters, she rhetorically asks, “Is it OK to march in a demonstration and say, ‘Black lives matter?’ What about a Pride parade? In theory, the answer today is, ‘Yes.’” [Notice she did not choose a pro-life rally as an example.]

To show how utterly void of professional journalistic ethics NPR is, consider what its chief diversity officer, Keith Woods, had to say about conflicting opinions held by NPR employees about this issue. He says the views range from “people who would go so far as to use the word ‘objectivity,’” to those who are the “burn-it-all-down kinds of folks.”

Apparently, there are still some dinosaurs at NPR who believe it is their professional duty to be as objective as they can! They have obviously been crowded out by the “burn, baby, burn” folks.

Donahue is correct. Read his entire statement here where he also rips NPR’s portrayal of Catholics.

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