Milw. Co Supervisor Patti Logsdon pats herself on the back…for racial equity?

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On Monday Milwaukee County Supervisor Patti Logsdon (who represents part of Franklin) issued a news release (several days after the fact) that the Milwaukee County Board last Thursday “unanimously voted to continue funding Milwaukee County Transit System Route 81 through 2021. The route begins at W. Fond du Lac Avenue and N. 35th Street-W. Burleigh Street and travels to the Amazon MKE2 distribution center in Oak Creek.”

Logsdon said the bus route is critical to Amazon jobs.

“Since opening in October 2020, Amazon MKE2 has become Oak Creek’s largest employer, with 1,500 jobs. Route 81 has met its original ridership estimates and provided more than 13,000 rides between the City of Milwaukee and Amazon MKE2, averaging approximately 100 riders per day.”

Can’t blame Logsdon for that. Throughout my entire adult life I’ve heard it many times. What good are good jobs if people can’t get to them?

But in addition to Logsdon’s news release being days late something else struck me.

Not once but twice Logsdon mentions racial equity.

“By connecting both the near north and south sides of Milwaukee to the distribution center in Oak Creek, Route 81 is designed to improve job access—a key component of advancing racial equity for residents of Milwaukee County.”

Certainly we all want fairness. Does Logsdon know the meaning of equity, especially as the word is being bandied about so frequently these days by those on the Left?

From the website

Equality means equal opportunity, as we’ve all long known.  Equity, however, refers to, and strives for, equal outcomes.  That’s completely different.  Rather than championing learning, hard work, persistence, and commitment to achieve, ‘equity’ essentially implies skipping all of those traditional factors on the American pathway to success, and, instead, doing whatever is necessary (think government influence and assistance) for underachievers to become just as successful reaching a goal as those who worked their butts off to make it.  And that could mean lowering academic standards, holding achievers back through lack of advanced course offerings, bringing the slow learners up and holding the excelling learners back, to the end of creating a homogenous, middle-level (if not, mediocre) learning experience imposed on all.   That’s equity.  Achieving a bizarre form of socialist equality, now achieved through the back door, by boosting the weak and hog-tying the strong, so they all reach the perceived finish line together.

Political commentator Scott Johnson chooses to summarize government-dominated equity like this: “Equity is not equality (i.e., equal rights).  It is a substitute for equal rights. Equity requires the authorities to determine who gets what according to the race, the ethnicity, or other status of the beneficiaries.  It is updated Marxist claptrap in which race replaces class.” He concludes: “The mania for perfect equality of results and conditions is never to be satisfied.  It provides a permanent rationale for perfect tyranny.”  In other words, government must step in to assure equity of outcomes, likely by pressure, and then remain involved, since the equity task can never be satisfactorily completed!

Maybe Logsdon meant to use the word ‘equality’ instead of ‘equity.’ I’m unsure. But I don’t believe the majority of her constituents are clamoring for the former of those terms. I’m not even certain how many constituents are thrilled about her bus route.

Last month I posted on Facebook this Journal Sentinel article along with my observation, “News that is guaranteed to give some in Franklin the heebie jeebies.”

Sure enough. Concerns were raised about the bussing of crime to the suburbs.

I’m not sure how true that would be, but I do know that perception is reality.

Having written a gazillion news releases myself if I was Logsdon I would have played up the jobs and economic aspects and totally dumped any reference(s) to ‘equity’ in my release.

I’d also research to have stats ready for actual crime data in her district that’s a direct result of bus route 81 for when critics come calling.  

See Logsdon’s release here.

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