My Most Popular Blogs – The month of July 2021

Here are my most popular blogs from the month of July 2021:

1) Culinary no-no #704

2) UPDATE: “You can’t be Catholic and be a Democrat”

3) Today’s highly interesting read (07/21/21): A Greek Freak, An American Story

4) “It should be in Franklin”

5) The Best Cartoons of the Week (07/24/21)

6) Contract details for Franklin’s new Assistant Superintendent Jessica Moe

7) Franklin Public Schools: Stick to your guns on masks

8) FLASHBACK: When 14 WI Senate Democrats fled the state and became fleebaggers

9) Did Milw. Co. Supervisor Patti Logsdon commit political suicide?

10) What dopy thing did Steve Scaffidi say on the radio today?

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