The most beautiful girl in the world

OK. You’re guessing this is going to be a post about…

May be an image of Jennifer Fischer, standing, outdoors and tree

Well I think she is. However the blog is not about my lovely Kyla.

FOX News just did a story about…

Super soft and glowy today for strikingly beautiful @thylaneblondeau 💥  #bts #nikki_makeup | Beauty girl, Hair beauty, Beautiful makeup

Thylane Blondeau, French model. She’s 20 years old, but when she was 6 she was given the title, “World’s Most Beautiful Girl.”

Blondeau started modeling at the age of 4, and when she was just 10 she appeared on the cover of French Vogue in a low-cut gown and high heels. Naturally her provocative photos ignited a blazing controversy about the sexualization of young girls.

FOX doesn’t rekindle that drama. Instead it reports on Blondeau being seen in a bikini on the beach.

Honest to goodness I skimmed the article and almost immediately did what I usually don’t with online stories: I skipped right to the reader comments. They did not disappoint. Here’s a sampling:

I looked at the picture and considered my past and there were a few that could definitely compete with her, nothing really spectacular but I digress, a nice body. But really, when I think of the most beautiful, the crown goes to my wife, who despite having grown old is the only one for me.

Wife simp.

I think your heartfelt message makes me wish I wasn’t divorced…well, scratch that, makes me wish I was happily married now

I wouldn’t throw her out of bed for eating crackers but then again why would she be there in the first place.

I used to date a woman that was even more beautiful than her. I met her when she was working at her job selling farm equipment where I bought my tractor. I thought we had a good thing going, but one morning I woke up and she was gone…all off her stuff was gone too, except for a John Deere letter she left for me on the kitchen table.

Oh Deere that is sad

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Want proof? There are people buying Hunter Biden paintings for more money than Rembrandt’s.

She’s not bad looking, but to say that she is the most beautiful girl isn’t true. Every high school and every college probably has someone more beautiful.

Internal beauty is worth working on. But, many women think it’s all about their toenails ! Go figure?

Experienced men know that very attractive women are usually more trouble than they’re worth. Often looks are their only asset and they don’t last forever. Find a lady who’s constructive, has a sense of humor and is honest. As far as looks, if she keeps herself presentable, she’ll be fine.

As a musician for many years, I learned early on that being easy to look at has nothing to do with beauty. I’ve seen some gorgeous women do some pretty nasty things just for a limo ride or a meal with someone famous.

I am not fat. I identify as skinny. I am trans-slender.

So you do not skinny dip instead you chunky dunk?

I recently lost my most beautiful candidate for most beautiful girl after FIFTY years of love and joy. This nice young woman doesn’t come close to the inner and outward beauty fifty years of love reflects on the lives of those lucky enough to be touched by my angel’s beauty.

I talk to my wife like that, she responds “You’ll have someone new here before the dirt on my coffin dries” which, is absurd of course. I’m cremating her.

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