Did Milw. Co. Supervisor Patti Logsdon commit political suicide?

Judging by the stunt Logsdon pulled today, she just might have.

First, some background.

When Patti Logsdon ran for the Milwaukee County Supervisor seat in the 9th District in April of 2018 (that includes part of Franklin) she claimed she was the most conservative candidate in the race, even more so than the incumbent, Steve Taylor who also served as a Franklin alderman at the time.

Logsdon had never held office and she herself remained for the most part silent, rarely speaking about why she was the better choice. And for good reason. Logsdon is nowhere near an articulate public figure.

Because of that political flaw Logsdon relied on Supervisor Deanna Alexander to serve as her mouthpiece. Anytime Logsdon was required to speak, Alexander took her place and did it often.

Taylor at the time had a reputation of being a loose cannon. Alexander released a lengthy statement to the press backing Logsdon because Taylor supposedly got angry with her prior to and during a meeting and also yelled at her. Alexander saw a great injustice even though politicians have gotten mad at each other since there have been politicians.

Far more damaging was Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s desire to get Taylor ousted to the point Abele self-funded hit/attack pieces against Taylor that inundated mailboxes daily in the 9th District. As the mud flew with Taylor unable to keep up neither Logsdon nor her mouthpiece Alexander condemned the sleazy lit pieces. Instead, they held up their hands and shook their heads. Wasn’t us. Talk radio didn’t endorse Taylor and he lost.

Ever since Logsdon was elected I have been hard-pressed to come up with any major accomplishments she can claim. Those conservative talk radio hosts that said she deserved to be elected, to my knowledge have never dared to put her on the air live. The dull factor would just be too risky.

Remember, Logsdon is soooooooo conservative. So she claims, as do others. Let me tell you what the conservative Logson did today.

The Milwaukee County Board conducted its regularly scheduled meeting today, a virtual affair where supervisors were required to phone in. I’ve tuned in to many of these meetings and usually, not always, supervisors will have some visual in the background when they’re on camera.

Here’s a screen shot taken during today’s meeting.

What the hell is that in Logsdon’s background?

No description available.

Some of you know exactly what it is.

For others, read this from the WI AFL-CIO.

The blue fist was an all-out attack symbol against Gov. Scott Walker, his family and Republican lawmakers who supported Walker’s proposed legislation that would eventually become law in the form of Act 10.

The vile threats made by Act opponents included death threats, violence, even sexual assault threats against female legislators.

And there is the so-called ‘conservative’ Logsdon parading the blue fist behind her as she participates in a government meeting. For what purpose?

February of this year marked the 10th anniversary of the controversial ACT 10 legislation approved during the most tumultuous period in state government history. I thought the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a fine job recapping that timeframe:

While it still riles Democrats and union officials, Act 10 is now securely embedded in how the state and local governments and schools operate.

It saved the state billions of dollars and took away much of the say government employees had in their workplaces, kicking off a rapid decline in union participation. Today, unions in Wisconsin claim 137,000 fewer members in the public and private sector than they did a decade ago.

Walker wrote in his 2013 book, “Unintimidated”:

They threw everything they had at us. They mobilized some one hundred thousand protesters to take over the Wisconsin State capitol in a sit in that helped give birth to the Occupy movement. They transported agitators from Illinois, New York, Nevada, and other states; banged drums and blasted horns day and night; harassed and spit on lawmakers as they made their way through the capitol; and turned our historic rotunda into a theater of the absurd.

They picketed my home and those of Republican lawmakers, harassed our families at school and even at the grocery store, and shouted us down at county fairs and ceremonial events across Wisconsin—all in an effort to intimidate us.

When their intimidation tactics failed to deter us, fourteen Democratic state senators fled the state—abdicating their constitutional duties in an effort to deny us a quorum needed to even take up our reforms.

They turned to the courts to stop us—targeting a good and decent Wisconsin supreme court justice for defeat simply because they thought he would vote to sustain our reforms.

When that judicial coup failed, they tried to recall six Republican state senators, guilty of no official misconduct, simply because they voted for our reforms.

When that effort failed to put the senate back in Democratic hands, they tried to recall more Republican senators. They tried to recall our lieutenant governor. And they tried to recall me.

They failed.

Despite everything they threw our way, we pressed forward with our reforms.

When Walker faced a recall in 2012 city of Franklin voters gave him 64.92% of the vote against Tom Barrett’s 34.78%

In the 2018 election Franklin voters went for Walker vs. Tony Evers, 59.43% to 39.20%.

Despite all this history the so-called ‘conservative’ Logsdon with her blue fist display gave the middle finger to Franklin conservative voters. No one forced her to have her background video include a symbol of the hard left. And now she doesn’t have Abele or Alexander around to help her explain.

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