For those who rip the state GOP for inaction…

Help Save Our Little White Schoolhouse! - Little White Schoolhouse - City  of Ripon, Wisconsin

Back in January I asked supreme political door knocker Eric Brooks to write for me a guest blog discussing his volunteer work on the 2020 campaigns.

For several months this year Brooks was back at it, tirelessly pounding the pavement. Brooks is now with Americans For Prosperity-Wisconsin. He and his colleagues went directly to voters urging support for GOP candidates and opposition to the bloated Tony Evers obscene tax-filled state budget proposal.

AFP-WI’s independent work to support Republican candidates paid off. Brooks was a one-man wrecking crew.

AFP-WI is back on the streets hitting the doors as you can see in this news release.

On social media there seems to be a never-ending lament that the state GOP and its backers don’t do nearly enough as they should for residents. On an almost daily basis Speaker Robin Vos gets toasted. Apparently his magic wand doesn’t have enough batteries.

The AFP-WI grassroots effort to boost GOP legislators who fought to literally turn Gov. Evers; atrocity of a budget upside down was a political work of art. Congrats to all.

And how about those Wisconsin Young Republicans!

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