Today’s highly interesting read (07/26/21): The COVID Blood On Biden’s Hands

Biden's Plan to Deploy Federal Teams in Door-to-Door COVID Vaccine Campaign  Sparks Backlash • Children's Health Defense

Today’s read is from radio host/ columnist/author  Derek Hunter. Here’s an excerpt:

That headline might be a little provocative, but it’s true. Not that Joe Biden is roaming the streets infecting people with COVID 19, but his policies on everything from messaging to the southern border are his direct responsibility and they’re hurting and killing Americans. 

When it comes to messaging, this White House has taken the approach Democrats in Congress have employed for years, and one at which the administration of Barack Obama excelled – being a complete jackass. That’s about as polite as I can put it, and not the word I would use were it up to me. I would choose the nickname for Richard, but only because it’s accurate. So, how is the President of the United States responsible for the deaths of Americans during a pandemic? 

Read the entire piece here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (07/26/21): The COVID Blood On Biden’s Hands

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