Culinary no-no #705


Why restaurants are having a hard time finding staff right now - ABC News

After Sunday Mass today I kept my weekly tradition by heading over to Meyer’s Restaurant in Greenfield. I was dining solo today so I sat and ordered at the bar with some other regulars.

How long have I been patronizing Meyer’s? Seems like forever, and like “Cheers,” everybody knows my name. Or at least they used to. Some untimely waitress deaths and big turnover have resulted in lots of new faces.

Like many restaurants today Meyer’s needs bodies. To the point where the bodies they are fortunate to have get moved around. Today’s bartender normally works taking care of banquets and catering.

Meyer’s (food and service still great) has been hanging out the HELP WANTED sign a lot lately. They are not alone. But filling available slots is tough when an easily obtained government check is your competition and our contemporary work ethic stinks. This week’s serious no-no is short but not sweet.


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