Amazing fireflies

Last night as Kyla was enjoying a sleepover with friends at a spot that also featured a mega popular swimming pool Jennifer and I spent some time on our backyard patio.

Nice breeze.

Not very humid.

And no mosquitoes.

Those nasty critters stayed away but we did head indoors after 9:00 just to play it safe.

Before it got totally dark we did witness a bit of a light show, but nothing like in Tennessee.

2 thoughts on “Amazing fireflies

  1. There is a spectacular firefly show somewhere in China…the pictures are fantastic.
    I thought it was a different ( forgive the brain blips, this latest attack was a whopper out of a fall, spring and summer of on/off bed rest) species? But I see now it is quanity.
    I’ll never get over this part of summertime. 🙂


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