Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Winners

The block…

The steal…

The championship…

The 1973 film “Maurie” highlights the strong friendship between two NBA Hall of Fame players: Maurice Stokes, the black basketball star, and his white teammate, Jack Twyman, formerly of the Cincinnati Royals.

Frank Sinatra recorded the theme from the movie for an album that same year.


Happy Birthday today to country superstar Alison Krauss who turned 50 today.

Born in Decatur, Illinois, she was attracted to bluegrass music and was winning contests at age 10. As of 2019, she had won 27 Grammy Awards from 42 nominations, ranking her fourth behind Beyoncé, Quincy Jones, and classical conductor Georg Solti for most wins overall.

She’s sold more than 12 million records to date and will be inducted in 2021 to the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame.

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