Hypocritical WI Dem Assemblyman issues ridiculous news release about the Bucks

May be an image of 3 people, beard, people standing, suit and outerwear

State Representative David Bowen (D-Milwaukee) opens his release stating, ““I have lived in Milwaukee my entire life, and never have I been more proud to call Milwaukee my home. To watch how this team played for the city of Milwaukee, for our State, and how the people of this city showed up for this team was truly remarkable.”

OK. Fine. But then Bowen has to ruin it.

“It must be mentioned how this season wouldn’t be possible without the stand-up activism by a conscious team that refused to be silent when injustices against Black citizens were brought to the headlines,” as Bowen mentioned George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, Jacob Blake, the Kenosha police, and protesters in a non-unifying fashion.

What Bowen fails to mention in his social justice euphoria is that in July of 2015 during an extraordinary session of the state Legislature, Bowen voted against a bill to provide $250 million in public funding for a new Bucks arena, what is now Fiserv Forum. The vote was 52-34 in support.

The bill had already passed the Senate, 21-10, and needed only Gov. Scott Walker’s signature.

The Bucks were under a 2017 deadline from the NBA to build the new facility. Bowen voted against much-needed financing to ensure the Bucks would remain in Milwaukee. Today he’s throwing phony bouquets at the team.

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