After the 2021 SI swimsuit issue what could possibly be next?

Sports Illustrated not only made models a household name, it helped them make fortunes for themselves and all the other models who came after them.

Thanks to wokeness, the political left has dragged that cash cow into the public square and, like the Taliban executing a homosexual, slaughtered it because it was an affront to the political agenda they have made their god.

The swimsuit issue has been deteriorating for some time. They’ve moved away from attractive and fit women to “plus sized” women, which is polite speak for fat, and athletes as models. What they lost in circulation, Sports Illustrated more than made up for in glowing publicity.

Society went right down with them. Over the last few decades we have been inundated with mixed messages about health from the left. One message is based in science – obesity kills. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc., etc., are all dangers of being overweight. The last year we added death from COVID 19 to that list.

On the other hand, we’ve also seen a bizarre push to “celebrate” all body types and end “fat shaming,” which is considered anything short of throwing a parade for cast members of “My 600-LB Life” and encouraging your children to grow up (and out) just like them. Fat shaming is pointing out that carrying hundreds of extra pounds while leading a sedentary life is not the key to longevity.

Chunky women are not only portrayed as beautiful, but they’re called “healthy” as well. It’s that insane.

Knowing all of this, Sports Illustrated is back to celebrating political correctness with this year’s swimsuit issue. Someone called Leyna Bloom is one of the “cover models.” It’s a man who “identifies” as a woman and goes to great lengths to look like one. Bloom is a man, no amount of Photoshop will change that. I couldn’t care less about how anyone lives, I care that I’m expected, and soon we’ll be forced, to pretend the delusions of others are reality.

Today it’s a “trans woman” on the cover, but I suspect we’re only a couple of years away from a hairy, dirty, unshaven dude in a bikini gracing the cover, provided SI doesn’t go out of business first. Laugh all you want, but we’re told gender is a social construct and states like California are allowing male prisoners to be transferred to women’s prisons based on nothing more than the declaration that they’re secretly women on the inside, so what is society to tell anyone what a woman is supposed to look like?

Men can’t get pregnant, women can’t get prostate cancer, and no matter how far back you tuck “reality,” or how many woke magazine covers the left publishes, nothing in the world will change that.

—Derek Hunter, radio host/columnist

Are these days over?

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Kate Upton: Model lands third SI Swimsuit cover - Swimsuit |

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