USA! USA! USA! Well, maybe not

USWNT players to stop kneeling during anthem - Chicago Tribune

The U.S. women’s soccer team competing in the Toyko Olympics lost to Sweden’s team on Wednesday in their first game. The final score was 3-0, which shocked many considering the U.S. team was ranked number one in the world and Sweden’s team is ranked number five.

Prior to the game, all members of the U.S. team, along with Great Britain, took a knee in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

The U.S. team’s Twitter account tweeted while they are ready to play again on Saturday, it was “not the start we wanted.”

—Julio Rosas is the Senior Writer for Townhall. He has previously written at the Washington Examiner, Mediaite, and Independent Journal Review. He is also currently serving in the Marine Corps Reserves.

Well-known conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza wrote on his Facebook page:

“Doesn’t it make you want to root for the opposing team? Good news: These losers lost, 3-0.”

He was referring to both the US and Sweden teams kneeling before their game Wednesday as the media called it, “a protest against racism.” In other words, the action was to promote BLM.

Star Parker is the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), a Washington D.C. based public policy institute that promotes market-based solutions to fight poverty.  She writes:

Since the new wave of race consciousness that has been sweeping our country, precipitated by the graphic video of the killing of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin, something very strange has happened

Somehow, what is perceived as a problem has become widely understood to be the solution. And it is endangering our country.

If there remain citizens in America who, because of race or any other reason, are deprived of the benefits and protections of a free society, we should work to bring those benefits of freedom to them.

The answer is not to abandon the principles that make us a free country.

But this is what is happening. Those who are the loudest and most aggressive about what is supposedly wrong don’t want a free country. Their complaint is not about absence of freedom, but who has power and who will be in charge and running the show.

Nothing could make this clearer than the recent bizarre statement of Black Lives Matter about the current civil unrest in Cuba.

Cuba is an unfree country. It has been run by communists for years. And, like all countries that are run by communists, the people there live deprived and oppressed.

This is not rhetoric. This is fact.

Freedom House in Washington, D.C., is a nonpartisan organization that rates all the nations in the world according to how free they are. They rate nations according to political rights and civil liberties.

Cuba ranks as one of the world’s least free countries. Out of a possible score of 100, Cuba scores 13. In political rights, out of a top score of 40, Cuba gets a 1. On civil liberties, out of a possible score of 60, Cuba scores 12.

Yet, Black Lives Matters writes, “The people of Cuba are being punished by the U.S. government because the country has maintained its commitment to sovereignty and self-determination.”

As the information from Freedom House shows, the only sovereignty and self-determination that exists in Cuba is in the hands of the communist despots who run the place.

Yet, in the opinion of Black Lives Matter, the suffering of the Cuban people is not due to the despots running Cuba, who deprive them of their freedom, but it’s caused by the free country, the USA, that is its nearby neighbor to the north.

We don’t see many Americans fleeing to live in Cuba. But, per the Pew Research Center, there are over 2 million Cuban Americans who left Cuba, or whose family left Cuba, to come to live in a country that is free.

Moreover, per a survey done by Pew in 2020, 58 percent of Cuban Americans identify as, or lean toward, Republicans, compared with 38 percent who identify as, or lean toward, Democrats.

Cuban Americans know what oppression is about, and it’s why they care so much about being free Americans.

—Star Parker

Back to D’Souza’s question: Doesn’t it make you want to root for the opposing team?

My answer is a resounding “Hell yes.” I hope the US Women’s soccer team doesn’t win the gold medal. Hell, I don’t want them to medal at all.

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