Franklin enjoying a single family boom

City of Franklin unveils new logo and branding

Franklin continues to build, build, build; grow, grow, grow. The city is undergoing a real estate frenzy.

For example, in the Aspen Woods neighborhood located at the southeast corner of W Puetz Rd and S 51st St., Veridian Homes is building new homes starting at $569,700. For example.

This one goes for $759,900, the only one left in the subdivision.

Bear Development is planning a 26-unit condo project on the north side of Loomis Road, directly across the street from the Strauss Meats expansion.

In the weeks ahead other developments will be moving forward:

MLG Development CSM, east of 5225 W. Oakwood Dr. Lot split in the Franklin Business Park, 1 lot into 2 lots.

112th Street Properties Concept Review, proposal for 115 single-family lots on 92 acres west of Franklin Savannah.

Neumann Developments Concept Review, 9732 W. Ryan Road, proposal for 87 single-family lots on 78 acres west of Briarwood subdivision.

Neumann Developments Concept Review, 12200 W. Ryan Road, proposal for 183 single-family lots on 82 acres next to Muskego city limits.

This is tremendous news for many residents who strongly support efforts to enhance the local economy. Conversely, it’s a major gut punch to a sorry faction that maintains a warped attitude of hating the city, hating progress, and quite frankly desperately wants Mayor Steve Olson and his administration to fail.

Ironically people living in the Cardinal Heights subdivision just south of the Aspen Woods subdivision were complaining about the new housing, scoffing that ‘you’ll never get $400k for those homes.’ That’s true. They’re getting more than $500,000 and close to $800,000 per home!

Customary NIMBY objections have been voiced. You know them well.  Didn’t want more traffic, noise, and unknown folks driving through their subdivision. The selfish sentiment was essentially, ‘I have my new home, now close the door and don’t let anyone else come here.’

The old refrain hasn’t gone away. ‘People don’t want to live near a slaughterhouse, and ‘there go my property values.’

Clearly consumers, and lots of them, find the city highly attractive and want to build and live here, even at lucrative prices.  Too many Franklin residents with their heads in the sand and 1955 calendars in their kitchens simply fail to grasp.

Congrats for this healthy economic trend go to the mayor, some members of the Common Council, community members who embrace our growth philosophy, and new residents anxiously waiting to move in.

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