Still time to vote for a pro-life flag

Pro-Life Flag Project

The Pro-Life Flag Project is on a mission:

The pro-life movement is composed of thousands of organizations and hundreds of millions of supporters worldwide, but it lacks a single, well-known, unifying flag. The team at Pro-Life Flag Project is attempting to change that. We believe that creating, promoting, and proudly flying a unified, freely-reproducible pro-life flag across the country will wildly help the movement in its already-unified aim: ending abortion.

In addition to unifying the movement, a pro-life flag will raise awareness for the cause by becoming a commonplace symbol in the US and potentially beyond. People around the country and the world, regardless of their stance on abortion, will see the flag, know its meaning, and be compelled to think about the reality of abortion. Through positive symbolism within the design, the flag will also serve to positively brand the movement that has, in many mainstream currents, been so vilified and misrepresented.

Created and run by everyday pro-lifers, Pro-Life Flag Project is a grassroots initiative designed to facilitate the creation of a universally recognized symbol for the pro-life movement

You can help choose the flag design by voting for one of the finalists. I’m voting for D.

You have until tomorrow (Monday) to vote.

2 thoughts on “Still time to vote for a pro-life flag

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