CRT UPDATE (07/16/21)

News, updates, and opinion pieces on a destructive concept threatening America

‘Let Them Die’: Local NAACP Leader Espouses Violent Rhetoric Against Opponents of Critical Race Theory

Such an incendiary line came after Leete (of the NAACP) ranted off a whole slew of names to refer to those in opposition to CRT.

CRT Pushback Is Taking Its Toll on Leftists

American students from grade school through college aren’t learning how to read, write, or solve equations these days. Then again, when would they have time to learn the three Rs when they haven’t even come to terms with their white supremacy or learned about their country’s racist past?

At last, we have some signs that things are changing for the better.

Burgess Owens: US history being ‘stolen and rewritten’ by CRT

He said critical race theory “denies the 245 years we have spent honoring the accomplishments of the Black community” and instead presents a “hapless and hopeless intergenerational community; one historically oppressed by a more powerful and privileged white race.”

Gaslighting for critical race theory

Slate, a left-wing magazine, for example, tweeted last month, “Conservatives want to cancel critical race theory. But they don’t know what it is.” This is gaslighting to make CRT’s opponents question their understanding and doubt the evidence of their own ears and eyes.

It fits the progressive trope that conservatives are ignorant and stupid. Such contempt (which is reciprocated) led, among other things, to Donald Trump’s victory in 2016. And just as it failed five years ago, it is failing again now.


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