What dopy thing did Steve Scaffidi say on the radio today?

This isn’t about whether Steve Scaffidi at WTMJ is a good guy or not. I’ve met him, talked to him, and he is a good guy.  And he was a terrific mayor. But as a talk show host he has disappointed this conservative.

On more than one occasion Scaffidi has condescendingly lectured his audience.

Today on his midday program he talked about COVID, the overwhelming success historically of vaccines, and was not ashamed to admit that he’s going to trust the science. In other words he was promoting vaccines. In one span of about 10-12 seconds I think he said the ‘V word’ 4-5 times. The tone he used for non-vaxxers sounded like, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘C’mon people. What’s wrong with you?’ The implication was clear. Scaffidi thinks you irresponsibly stupid.

As for potentially needing proof of vaccination to fly Scaffidi noted a travel agent who appears on WTMJ every Saturday believes a vaccine passport requirement is coming for international travel. Scaffidi’s message? “So get used to it.” He unsympathetically added, “You can choose not to travel.”

Here’s another Scaffidi gem. When it comes to making health decisions, if you choose to listen to your party or politician as opposed to the science, “I think you’re missing something.”

No Steve. You’re missing the point, big time. People who are not going to roll up their sleeves are doing so, not based on what someone with an “R” next to their name declared on FOX News. They’re making a conscientious, thoughtful decision about what’s best for them and their family, AS IT SHOULD BE.

Another Scaffidi insult. “Unless you’re planning on going back to a country-living hillbilly loving life where you don’t see a doctor until you’re dead, you might want to think long and hard about some of the things you’re spouting on social media.”

You got that. No shot, you must be some ignorant hick. When you voice your opinion you’re spouting.

Concluding the segment Scaffidi said,” You make the call, but you live with your choices or in some cases you die with ‘em,” then immediately went to a break. He took only one call, a sympathetic gentleman who identified himself as a physician, and let him “spout” for a long time. Scaffidi took no callers who disagreed, if any actually called in.  Strangely this particular talk show host rarely engages with his audience and takes calls.  He’d prefer stacking his show with guests who can hold his hand and do the heavy lifting.

Scaffidi scoffs at those who haven’t buckled under to the fear-mongering media, the crowd that rejects the shot(s) because they believe, correctly I might add, that the vaccines are not vaccines, that they are experimental, and are not fully approved by the FDA, and pose a risk. Not trusting the government? What’s wrong with that?

Sorry, but Scaffidi’s programs lack solid substance an analysis. Sadly for me the station all too often is painful to listen to, one I proudly worked at for many years. I once wrote it’s become public radio. A better description would be public radio light. Light because TMJ has commercials.

Call me a fogey but I miss those old days.

Here’s the audio of Steve’s show. The segment begins around the 35:00 mark.

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