Today’s highly interesting read (07/15/21): Want to Save America? Don’t Act Like a Conservative

Oscarson Finally Admits: "I am a RINO!" | Dennis Hof
Photo: Big fat RINO.

I’ve written frequently that at one of his last rallies before the 2020 election President Donald Trump said at a Wisconsin appearance, “Republicans don’t play the tough game.”

He was right. Republicans don’t.

Today’s read is from Abigail Shrier, writer and author of IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters (2020). Here’s an excerpt:

The last thing America needs right now is more wallpaper over cracks. Time to toss out the “Aw Shucks Conservatism” of navy blazers and boat shoes, the sort that believes matching jammies on Christmas suffices to save a country on the brink. That approach may have excelled when churches and civil society were strong and conservatives needed only to get married, raise a family, and perform the simple heroism of showing up. Today, it’s a loser.

Its mistake is not in any of the hand-written niceties it revels in, which make life orderly, cozy—even lovely. Its mistake is that it treats Leftist ideologues like quirky out-of-town guests arriving for brunch. It assumes we all want the same things and are equally devoted to the perpetuation of bedrock American commitments: free speech, free exercise of faith, equal protection, rule of law.

But the Woke are not zany guests. They are home-invasion robbers. The structure they intend to leave behind will contain but a handful of the cultural artifacts they encountered. Bringing down statues of Abe Lincoln, books by Dr. Seuss and schools named for the country’s founders? That’s just their casing the joint. The large-scale heist hasn’t even started.

It’s a worthwhile read, highly recommended.

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