CRT UPDATE (07/15/21)

News, updates, and opinion pieces on a destructive concept threatening America

Are Teachers’ Unions Evil?

In response to the clear and hostile division of the two halves of the country, teachers’ unions have explicitly rejected being a unifying force, choosing to adopt the extremist CRT approach in their teaching. Their plan for children is to force them into racial divisions.

Critical Race Theory Is a Complex — Oh, Who Are We Kidding?

Now that the teachers’ anti-white agenda has been exposed (thank you, fathers of America!), the left is spinning a series of increasingly hilarious defenses of “critical race theory,” which is just a more boring version of the left’s usual hatred of Western civilization.

Their current position is that they simply can’t discuss CRT with you because it’s too complex and can only be understood by high-level graduate students after years of study.

5 Loudoun County Residents Describe Where They Stand On Critical Race Theory, And Why

Virginia’s Loudoun County Public Schools has emerged as a national representation of the critical race theory (CRT) clash between parents and administrators.

I ventured out to Loudoun County to walk the streets of Leesburg and Ashburn and see who would talk to me about CRT. Most turned me down, understandably cautious about staking a political claim in media.

Here are five Loudouners who agreed to talk to me using their names, and here’s what they had to say about CRT.


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