CRT UPDATE (07/12/21)

Political Cartoons by Pat Cross

News, updates, and opinion pieces on a destructive concept threatening America

In the Midst of a Busy Week of Critical Race Theory in the News, Gov. Doug Ducey Outlaws It in His State

This past week was a very busy one for Critical Race Theory (CRT), particularly as its fiercest supporters defended it in ways that amounted to gaslighting those who would dare criticize it. Arizona, though, will be protected from such curriculum.

Leading the Charge Against Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory continues to permeate our classrooms and infect our children’s minds with outrageous ideas about their nation’s history. Through groups such as 1776 Action, we can use our voices to save our children’s futures.

Republican proposal would require school districts to post curriculum lists online

A group of Wisconsin Republicans is proposing a bill aimed at making school district curricula more transparent at a time when what’s being taught in classrooms has become a political talking point.

Republican legislators are circulating the bill, which would require districts to publish lists of materials used in classrooms.


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