UPDATE: Franklin, how about a school property tax freeze for next year?

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Previously on This Just In… where I suggested a school property tax freeze.

The update: Good news. Even better than a freeze.

At the June 23, 2021 meeting of the Franklin School Board a draft of next year’s school budget was presented that reads in part:

“For the past 5 years, the total tax levy amount has stayed relatively stable with only a 0.8% increase over that time. In 2021-22, the District is estimating that the total tax levy will decrease. The District is estimating that for every $100,000 of assessed value, the 2021-22 property tax amount will decrease by about $24. The tax levy for debt service is decreasing due in part to last year’s refinancing of long term debt, which will save taxpayers over $2.7 million in total.”

That’s good news. Even so, Franklin school taxes are in orbit because despite recent responsible budgets the district for too long took taxpayers to the cleaners with large increases.

See Page 33 that shows the tax levy will go down, according to the draft, 1.9%. The budget is not final.

Also, read this from the FAQ portion of the budget document. Remember, Franklin is receiving as I blogged a huge increase in state aid:

If there is an increase in state aid to schools, does that mean that schools have more funds to spend on education?

Not necessarily. If the state provides an increase in state aid, but they do not increase the revenue limit per student, then the revenue limit stops the school district from receiving more revenue and forces property taxes to go down instead.

Gotta laugh. As if a property tax reduction was a bad thing.

The final budget could be adopted in a month or two. Here’s hoping the draft projection is accurate.

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