Don’t come a knockin’

From the Epoch Times:

President Joe Biden and other White House officials on Tuesday said the federal government will start targeted community door-to-door outreach in an effort to boost COVID-19 vaccination rates.

The president said that people will be “knocking on doors” to get “help to the remaining people” who aren’t vaccinated. It’s part of a community outreach program, he said, that is being set up as mass vaccination sites are being phased out.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the administration’s efforts will include “targeted by community door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated.” It’s not clear how the administration plans to accomplish this, and neither she nor Biden provided any more details.

The administration will first target communities with lower vaccination rates, she added. The door-to-door outreach efforts will get information about vaccines to people who haven’t received them yet.

 “You don’t just give up just because you haven’t reached every single person,” Psaki told reporters. “We’re going to continue to apply where we, what we’ve seen have been the best practices over the past several months.”

The teams deployed by the White House will be composed of officials from the CDC, the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), and other federal health agencies, Biden said.

I normally don’t read the comments posted after a news article, but this time I made an exception. Here are just some:

America is doing just what Marxist, communist, socialist nations , we gave up our Freedoms in America for injecting poison in our bodies ! God help us all !

Please, be stupid enough to knock on my door and see how that works out for ya.

This is an Experimental Emergency only authorized vaccine!
Stupid is as stupid does. FU Biden and your party!

If these FILTHY CREATURES come to my door, THEY WILL LEAVE in TEARS! ….. And I will never take their POISON. …..MAGA

And how will the door-knockers know if someone has or hasn’t had a shot?
Does senile Joe think people would be stupid enough to identify as being non-vaccinated?

Everyone is non-vaccinated.
Those are not vaccines.

Not welcome at my home. Better not even try to knock.

You’ll be sorry if you come to our door.
Impeach this cheating traitor!

Please shove your vaccine firmly up your anus.
Oh and have a nice day.

They keep pushing & pushing something and lying about it. People will question it and fight against it.
Give mine to Pelosi.
Maybe it will help skeletors



There will be a choice if said commie morons trespass and come a knockin…the choice will be a Glock or a revolver if Russian Roulette is the morning or afternoon delight of choice. Pick your poison

This is a disastrous development, but i suspect they have intended it all along. The key thing ahead is to see from where comes the pushback. If governors of states like Texas, Florida, and South Dakota say no you will not, something really powerful could happen. This could be the spark that sets alight the fire of real confrontation between states and the DC government. It seems to me this has been a powder keg waiting to erupt for some time. This may be the thing that catapults people into action


Oh that is gonna go over real good, like a lead balloon.

Here’s a fair warning for anyone showing up at my door……don’t!

Door to Door… Biden Administration??? I thought it was BASEMENT TO BASEMENT… JEEZ!!!

Get off my lawn!!!!

Biden has a plaid suit selling a used car. What is awkward he’s trying to sell the broken down car to children. Wake up America. Seems like the World Health Organization is targeting children.

EVERYBODY that takes part in that door to door plus EVERYBODY that advocates the shots to minors is guilty of genocide and should be apprehended IMEDIATELY. Just the fact that the UNPRECEDENTED adverse effects and deaths by this EXPERIMENT for a virus with a 99% recovery is cause for IMMEDIATE halting of ALL the so-called vaccines. Proof of psychopathic federal government supporting psychopathic pharma/medical.

Just a theory:
They could be sending teams door to door to find out who has not gotten the fake “vaccine”.
Then they will know exactly where to go, to administer it by force, when they decide to make it mandatory.
Neighborhoods might want to get ready for forced “vaccinations”, and have a plan to fight the dirt bags when it comes down to it.
This crap is getting scary.

This is ABSOLUTELY the REAL reason that they want these door to door visits.
If they come to your door, either do NOT answer or LIE and say that your already vaccinated.
I am SO happy that my family has already been trained to not open the door unless someone is expected over and already known.
Such a gross misuse of tax dollars and power.

Bite me Biden.

With all the guns that have been purchased since this idiot took office, they might think twice about knocking on someone’s door to talk about getting the vaccine.
People are not stupid and they see thru the tactics of the government!!!

So Biden wants to send teams to your private residence, all so they can convince you to roll the dice and murder yourself? This administration and the pharmaceutical companies have been MURDERING people for nothing more than PROFIT!! These people don’t care if ANYONE dies from the vaccine or the virus, only that you take it to finish the biggest “gain of function” experiment conducted on humanity. Amazing how no one will say what is really happening, with murdering people in plain sight, making millions doing it, and people ignore this for a “feeling” of being safe from something that isn’t dangerous to 99% of them.

Why are they trying so hard to give everyone a vaccine which is not FDA approved? They’re not concerned about collecting any data on the vaccine’s effectiveness on the people who have gotten it and the drug companies won’t be able to be sued even if it ends up doing something horrible to the people at a future date. There’s a reason they are doing this and I don’t trust it’s for our good.

Bad idea, cross my fence and bring that onto my property and you had better bring a shovel and start digging

Like anyone who hasn’t gotten the vaccine by now is gonna be swayed by someone giving the jab at a sporting event, summer event, or religious activity. No still means no.

An “outreach” of door-pounding strangers to get ”help to the remaining people” who aren’t vaccinated. How very compassionate that sounds, except it is not. If you don’t know by now the dangers of this so-called “vaccine” and the sinister plan to inject everyone on the planet, then start doing your research…and keep your front door shut.

Where are our state and DC representatives standing up for our constitutional rights?

They are the ones taking away our right.

‘Vaccination’, the drugging of the sheep. The new ‘seat-belt law’. Coming soon with internal passports, travel papers, and zone checkpoints. Of course, as Nancy Parasite will say, ‘it’s all to protect our Democracy’. Oh, but this is a Communist Democracy,….I forgot.

The Commies are Coming! the Commies are Coming! What’s next? a wrestling match or shoot out with the Cops! Warren Buffet just informed everybody there’s another Virus on the way and it’s Worse than this one. Is he a Doctor too? First you have Doctor Gates and now this Prk!
Desperate huh? You and your Minions are going Down Joe!

And so when somebody knocks on your door and you answer it and you tell them you have already been vaccinated..I’m certain they’re going to want proof or an ID and are you not saying that it is illegal to ask for ID.. you say that it’s racist.. so what is it?

He will sniff your hair before jabbing you.

This is tyranny.

I was beginning to think this man was evil. Now, I know he is. Dude, Covid is over. Get a life. Leave people alone. This is NOT a vaccine.

Will enforcers will be wearing armbands? Will they stamp our foreheads with a scarlet U for “Unvaxxed” if we refuse?

This is gonna be money well spent. It’s fairly safe to say that, for the most part, if you haven’t gotten vaccinated by now then that is a choice. You’ve thought it out, said nope, and have made up your mind. I highly doubt the Jehovah’s Witness approach is gonna work.

Then I’ll go out on my feet instead of on my knees!

China is just winning big time, laughing away at us all, probably calling us fools

If anyone asks you if you’re Covid vaccinated, look them in the eye and ask, “Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease? Your medical history is no ones business.

I guess I have to upgrade my security system and put another Trump flag or two out front for the guests.

 “Do you want to know Jesus? He is the way the truth and the life” I imagine they will leave right away.

 “Would you like to know how to receive Jesus as your Savior?”

It hasn’t been safe for the last 25 years to open your door to strangers. Think about how easy it would be for imposters, posers, criminal types pretending to be outreach designees to scope out the place, or worse, commit unspeakable crimes. Ridiculous and dangerous.

The # 1 question here is – how do they know the addresses of the people who are not jabbed?
There is more to this than meets the eye, just like the whole plandemic!!
I won’t even open my door if anyone shows up. I do not have to answer my door or open it to anyone I didn’t invite.

Masked social workers wearing rainbow colors knocking on doors.
Lots o’ luck.

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