Have the Milwaukee Bucks ‘done anything’?

May be an image of ball and text that says 'WSO JRUE ON THE FEELING OF MAKING THE FINALS Man, I'm going to the Finals! All the moments felt as a little kid watching TV, just lived them. Now get to go to the Finals and see what it's about @NBA'

Before you shout at your computer “What a ridiculous question!” an intro is in order.

I love the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. In late November of 1988 their football team was undefeated at 10-0 and ranked #1 when they traveled west to play USC, also unbeaten at 10-0 and ranked #2.

The Irish were now set to play undefeated West Virginia (11-0) in the Fiesta Bowl.

Following the victory over USC I’ll never forget what ND coach Lou Holtz said in an interview as Irish fans were ecstatic.

You know how much coaches are always trying to be humble and downplay a huge win. Holtz maintained that his Irish “haven’t done anything. We’ve just put ourselves in a position” to do something.

Back to reality for ND. They did knock off West Virginia to win the national championship.

Of course the Bucks have achieved something special. Many fans might be of the mindset that it’s terrific just to get to the NBA Finals. The majority of NBA teams have not.

Not good enough for the Bucks and lots of other backers. We arrived here. Now let’s win it all.

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