CRT UPDATE (07/02/21)

News, updates, and opinion pieces on a destructive concept threatening America

Does Teaching CRT Violate the Constitution?

Dr. Carol Swain, former professor at Vanderbilt and Princeton universities says that “Critical Race Theory training, which pressures people not to say certain things, take a certain stance, or forces them into some segregated settings, may infringe on people’s constitutional rights and even violate civil rights laws.”

Yes, We Should Ban Critical Race Theory from Our Schools

As we head toward this weekend’s 245th anniversary of American independence, critical race theory has emerged as the dominant subject gripping and dividing the nation. The threshold question, itself the subject of rancorous and oftentimes disingenuous debate, is what the term “critical race theory” even refers to. When this semantic debate surfaces, proponents usually attempt two things at once.

Critical race theory ‘buzzwords’ list released, then deleted by Texas policy organization

The Texas Public Policy Foundation warned of the things to look out for if you’re worried about disagreeable historical content in public school courses.


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