CRT UPDATE (06/24/21)

News, updates, and opinion pieces on a destructive concept threatening America.

Moms Must Keep Hammering School Boards Until Critical Race Theory Is Dead

There have been few things more glorious to witness in recent weeks than the impressive array of courageous and relentless mothers around the country lambasting school boards for their support of vile critical race theory.

Critical Race Theory Isn’t the Biggest Threat

For generations, Democrats have been insisting to minority children that they can’t get ahead, that “the system” is so rigged against them that they might as well not even bother trying. That works on some, but far too many people were not giving up hope and surrendering themselves and their fates to Democrats, so they had to go bigger. 

The ultimate goal for Democrats has been to “fundamentally transform” the country, not reform it, not tweak it around the edges, but to remove what is and replace it with their perverted view of how the world should be.

You’re ‘Acting Like Some of Us Are Guilty for Just Existing’: Watch Student Defy Woke School Board in Front of Parents

He decided to give the school board in Minnesota Independent School District 196 a piece of his mind.

360: The debate over Critical Race Theory legislation in Wisconsin

We will hear from the chairwoman of the Black Educators Caucus who shares why she believes the bill is too vague and is unnecessary.

We also speak to one of the state representatives who co-sponsored the bill being considered and from another state representative who worries the bill will hinder the way school districts teach history.

However, we start with the perspective of a local mom, who says critical race theory has no place in the classrooms of her children.

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