How about that Mosinee School District!

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Kevin Hermening is the school board president for the Mosinee School District. On April 6, 2021, he posted the following on his Facebook page:

You do understand, people, that it’s the other school districts that are starting to change their policy regarding masks; not Mosinee, which has had the same policy since the beginning of the school year. Three Lakes, Laona, and Crandon schools adopt “mask optional” policy this week.

Mosinee has had a similar policy all school year; ours reads “Masks for both students and staff are recommended but not required.”

NOTHING has changed in the Mosinee OFFICIAL BOARD POLICY since September 1, 2020.

We have a board which is individually divided on these issues, but has collaborated in unanimity to advance our “Stay Open” agenda.

Again, our policy since last September is IDENTICAL to the policy now.

The policy can be found here:…/Mosinee%20School…

This has been on our district website since last September.

Many school districts across the state went mask optional shortly or not long after the WI Supreme Court struck down Gov. Tony Evers’ COVID-19 emergency order and accompanying statewide mask mandate on March 31, 2021.

But not Franklin. Our school district administrator who runs the operation didn’t agree to go mask optional this fall until she made an announcement on June 18, almost three months after Gov. Evers’ mandate was tossed. While residents waited and waited the district administrator and school board disrespectfully ignored and dismissed the pleas of parents and children, putting them in unnecessary and lengthy misery.

While I support the mask optional decision I certainly won’t issue any gratitude toward the folks running our schools. They don’t deserve any thanks. Not when somewhere around 150 other schools or school districts made the common sense decision to go mask optional long before Franklin.

Still, there are many schools around Wisconsin that continue to require masks. Trust me, we in Franklin fully understand the frustration of the brick wall those areas are running into. Keep fighting, and remember your school board members come election time.

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