FLASHBACK: Obama was right

No there’s nothing wrong with the above title. Or the writer of this post.

It’s true. Barack Obama was definitely correct.

Last October I blogged:

My daughters surprise, enchant me every single day: President Obama | World  News,The Indian Express

One of the extremely rare times I concurred with President Barack Obama was when he took a firm stand on the significance of fatherhood.

“Now, I can’t legislate fatherhood — I can’t force anybody to love a child.  But what we can do is send a clear message to our fathers that there is no excuse for failing to meet their obligations.  What we can do is make it easier for fathers who make responsible choices and harder for those who avoid those choices.  What we can do is come together and support fathers who are willing to step up and be good partners and parents and providers,” Obama said.

Let’s dig into my blog vault.

Now to 2021:

John Kass writes, “If Moms Are ‘Birthing People,’ What Do We Call Dads on Father’s Day?”

Take a look.

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