Alderwoman, are you listening?

Common Council Session - 12/15/2020 6:30 pm - YouTube

Franklin Mayor Steve Olson began this week’s Franklin Common Council meeting with the customary Citizens Comment Period. A woman stepped forward to discuss law enforcement (her microphone wasn’t on momentarily).

Please watch closely. Seated to the right is Franklin Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm (masked). As the woman addresses the Council it appears that Wilhelm is listening. But that doesn’t last too long. Watch and judge for yourself if Wilhelm is truly paying close attention to what is being presented.

I bring this up because ironically the Council is currently spending a lot of time on developing a CITY OF FRANKLIN CODE OF CONDUCT (FOR) ELECTED AND APPOINTED OFFICIALS. The present draft contains the following:

Use of Electronic Devices

Respect for each other, constituents, and those appearing before the Council or Commissions/Boards/Committees is paramount, and full attention to the matters before the body is the purpose of Meetings. The use of electronic devices to communicate regarding City business during meetings is prohibited since it presents an opportunity for violation of open meetings and open records laws. Personal use of electronic devices is strongly discouraged and should be reserved only for emergency situations. However, it is acknowledged that occasional use of electronic devices occurs for business purposes within the context of meetings and is acceptable.


In Public Meetings

All Members are expected to demonstrate. both publicly and privately, their honesty and integrity, and to be an example of appropriate and ethical conduct. Members should convey to the public their respect and appreciation for the public’s participation, input, and opinions.

Be Welcoming to Speakers and Treat Them with Care and Respect

For many citizens, speaking in front of a governing body is a new and difficult experience; under such circumstances, many are nervous. Council Members are expected to treat citizens with care and respect. Members should commit full attention to the speakers or any materials relevant lo the topic at hand.

Also ironic is the fact that the council member who has been the most vocal and uppity about coming up with a huge litany of ‘can’t we just all get along’ codes is Wilhelm. She’s whined and moaned often about how she’s treated so badly. And get this. Her criticisms of others have even included people’s body language.

Does Franklin’s best Common Council member (just ask her) practice what she preaches?

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