CRT UPDATE (06/17/21)

News, updates, and opinion pieces on a destructive concept threatening America.

CRT can KMA: A must-read!

Everyone hates CRT, critical race theory, that bizarre, ridiculous, and morally illiterate hodge-podge of Marxist mumbo-jumbo blended with a healthy dose of the kind of racial hash that would make Democrat David Duke beam. Even the lib wine moms, who were so ecstatic about the recent lack of mean tweeting – ironic that the only man able to give them pleasure was Donald Trump, and he does it by not doing anything – despise this Marxist pestilence. The guys in the campaign business I talk to are giddy and often burst into spontaneous jigs of pure glee at the poll numbers they are seeing. Hey Congress, congratulations! Thanks to CRT, there’s something America hates even more than you!

A majority of teachers who know CRT favor it, whereas a majority of parents reject it

In fact, we’d question whether most of the teachers who “support” CRT actually understand it. Either way, it’s dangerous.

The Left is trying to redefine critical race theory because they are losing

The Left tried to use last summer’s momentum from the Black Lives Matter movement to push its destructive ideas of so-called “anti-racism” and critical race theory. Now, they’re frantically trying to redefine the terms of the debate, as the momentum has built up against them instead.

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