CRT UPDATE (06/10/21)

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a plague on our nation. This evil, destructive concept is like a cancer, and it’s already permeated far too many school districts and institutions across America.  I fear my very own school district, Franklin, WI, if they haven’t already will soon succumb and latch on to these racist ideologies.

So today I begin what I believe will be a regular series of updates on CRT I feel are necessary to create awareness of the CRT minefield ready to blow up in our country. There’s a ton of information out there you won’t find in the MSM. So join us here.

Here’s our first installment. It is imperative you read it all. (Correct, reading of more than a sentence is required).

Wisconsin Legislators Introduce Bills Targeting Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory Briefing Book

Conservative think tank creates ‘A to Z guide’ for stopping critical race theory in schools

Are you as worried as I am and countless others are across America? Then please forward to your friends and neighbors.

And please attend the next school board meeting in your district and express your strong opposition to CRT.

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